I am in no way saying for people to follow any of the information presented in these articles.  These are just articles I am currently reading and researching for my own knowledge and education.  I read some and come to the complete opposite conclusion as the author.  Do your own research, don’t get swept up by ‘fact’ and make your own decisions.


Weight loss a phone call away, study finds

Obese Americans now outweigh the merely overweight

Overlap may exist between sweets and drugs

Blood Sugar Control Linked to Memory Decline, Study Says

Lactate and hGH Response

Effects of Resistance Training on Insulin Levels

Role of sugars in human neurtophilic phagocyctosis– translation, what sugars do to your immune system, function of immunity-related phagocytes is impaired for at least five hours after intake of simple sugars

Diet Specific

Good Calories, Bad Calories: What Really Makes Us Fat?

What if It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?

The Quality of Calories: What Makes Us Fat and Why Nobody Seems to Care


Raw Milk Renegade

Issues with Soy


Vitamin A: The Forgotten Bodybuilding Nutrient

Educate Yourself

How stuff works- Insulin and Fat Storage

The Skinny on Fats

How a PR Campaign Led to Unhealthy Diets

Rachel Cosgrove, Jen Heath, and Cassandra Forsythe on Figure Athlete

FDA Orders Dr. Joseph Mercola to Stop Illegal Claims

Why We Get Fat and Evolutionary Fitness by Art D Vany

Hormones Associated with Fat Loss/Fat Gain

How Stress Effect the Immune System


Confessions of a Former Women’s Magazine Writer

Why We Get Fat and Evolutionary Fitness by Art D Vany


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