Week 9-Month 3 and Week 10

Sorry I didnt keep up these last two weeks.  I have been doing a lot of mountain bike racing- a 6 hour solo race on weekend (end of week 9) and then a 30K race far away in West Texas.  My body has needed rest.  I kept up and did a good job the week after my solo race- week 9- but didnt get in the leg workout.  Week 10 (yesterday and today) has made me decide that I’ll tweak things so I can get a better recovery.

New plan for finishing p90x- take this week as recovery week.  A real recovery week and not just a p90x recovery week and then continue with where I left off but then redo weeks 9 and 10.

  • Recovery Week Feb16-22
  • P90x- Weeks 11 and 12- Feb 23-March 8
  • P90x- Weeks 9 and 110- March 9-22
  • p90X Recovery Week
  • p90X Plus with Cyclo-Mountain bike training

Week 8-recovery

I need the recovery this week after my half marathon on Sunday.  Monday’s workout was nice and relaxing yoga and tuesday will be more intense with the core synergistics.  I’m still very sore from the run so I was unable to do the workout first thing (needed to let my body warm up and not be so stiff) therefor I will be doing it after work today.  Still working on sleep.  I’m excited about next week and the full month ahead!

Week 7- Half Way Done!!

Just finished up the first workout of the week.  I had a very busy and tiring weekend (but all in a really good way) so I had to have a little pep-talk with myself earlier today to jazz me up for the workout.  My arms are sore as I type this and I’m making tons of typing related errors because of it.  I know I’d find excuses also to skip the abs if I didn’t do them right away at the end of weights so I had to promise on unicorn tears that I’d do it.  I pushed myself extra hard on the weights, trying to add more reps and weights wherever I could. I took this approach last month also with the mentality, “it is my last chance to really kill it in this workout” since next week is the gift of recovery week.  I will really need it next week for sure.  I held true to my promise and did the abs after.  I’m exhausted.  My partner in this p90x crime, Caveman, once made the post that the abs hurt more when you do them right after the workout and I have never felt that statement is more true than today.  Hurt in a good, exhausted, please can it be over, wow I’m a badass kind of way. I had planned on getting the cardio in but in all honesty, that is all up in the air.  I’d really love to do one of the cyclo-live workouts but my body, mind, and house are all exhausted and in need of some help.

Tuesday so instead of the plyo workout I tried out p90x+Kempo which is so much better than the regular Kempo workout.  I then hopped on my bike and rode to my dinner/socializing plans downtown.  Just a little extra spin for my legs.

Wednesday was a killer day.  I wanted to get in the weights but also get in the cardio so hit the gym early after work, did the weights, and then did a class called “blackout”.  Not the best idea after doing a killer arm workout but I managed.  I thought we were doing abs in the class so I did not do my p90abs but we didnt so I’m a minus on that right now.

Thursday– I dont really like the yoga class- too slow and too long.  After work I took a much deserved sea salt soak and then did Inhale Yoga.  That put me in a good mood, got my blood moving, and has great music to boot.

Friday- This is my last real p90x workout of the second month before recovery because I am taking Saturday to rest and running a half marathon on Sunday.  I’m not sure if I’ll do cardio today or not yet since I really should be resting up for the race.  Either way, I’ll be in the gym with the typcial Friday post work crew of guys- “mr.way to old to be wearing thoses shorts”-guy, “mr.glare at me to make me leave the ‘boys’ area”-guy, “mr.obnoxiously loud squat grunt” guy and his parnter “mr.way to zealous weight dropper”-guy.  Dont get me wrong, there are those great people too like the very nice and shy guy who always gives me a bashful smile, the one other chick who likes to get in the real weights, and the trainer who actually shows women how to lift.

Unfortunately I never made it to the gym because i got very sick.  This is the first workout I’ve missed but wont try to make it up on Saturday because of  the half marathon on Sunday.

Week 6-

I’m looking forward to Week 6.  I’m excited about doing the chest/shoulders/back workout again and am going to fit in the cardio today.  I’m really missing my bike though.  I’m thinking that I may end up doing plyo in the morning or at lunch on Tuesday so that I can get a ride in.  Maybe I’ll even ride to and from work Tuesday since I dont have to do weights.

Monday– felt super, super strong in the workout.  I did more full pushups than I’ve done before and really pushed myself (ha! no pun there).  I was really proud of myself and talked to my mom who was proud of herself for upping her weights.  It is cool when you can share those moments.  I bragged to G about my pushups and then she bragged to me about her weights- brag on!  Didnt feel all that great when 4pm rolled around but I figured I’d make the drive home and see how I felt for the cardio workout for the day.  All I needed was fresh air and VitD.  I did the 40min cardio at home and felt good.  Got a nice nights sleep too!

Tuesday– Plyo, did at work, legs were really tired from the house work renovations this weekend.  I had to talk myself in to doing it but once I started I felt good.  It helps to have improvements to get  you motivated.

Wed- Just beginning the work day as I type this.  I got up and did the back/bi workout.  I love working my bi’s!  I feel so strong in the weight area with all the boys lifting my 15lbs and 16lbs!  I also pushed myself to go up on my assisted pull-ups- I moved the assistance up a level- or is that down?  Oh well, I went with 6 more lbs that I am lifting so I’m at -34 assistance now.  I’m excited to do it again on Friday and then maybe move it to -30 or -26 next!  I can do full pullups myself but cant knock out the numbers yet so I’ll work my way down with assisted until I can get 8-10 by myself.

Thursday and Friday– sleep has been a major project this week.  I’ve been trying to get more and have but I still feel so exhausted.  I’m thinking it may be a bit related to going low carb right now (but that has been proven in scientific studies to just be a transitional effect and will pass after a little time) but also related to no real rest last week since Saturday and Sunday were filled with heavy house remodeling work.  I took yesterday off- it was supposed to be a yoga day. I have also so far skipped the cardio for today. I’m going to the gym to do the legs/back workout and possibly may do cardio later on tonight but that is doubtful.

The Weekend– I have Kempo on the p90x schedule for Saturday and then rest on Sunday.  As with most weekends, I completely change it all up.  I’ve been carpenter’s/painter’s assistant lately for G’s house remodel.  I’m having a wicked fun time because I’m working hard and learning a whole lot.  Hauling another load to the dump I think pretty much overrides the Kempo workout.  I also got a long sports massage on Saturday.  Yes it is nice and relaxing at times but it is still a workout for the muscles- no insence and candles here.  I ended up running a little bit of a fever afterwards but it passed.  I helped out more at the house with painting, sanding, and just being as helpful as I could.  I went to the farmer’s market also and picked up some goats milk, tons of fresh spinach, and…oooh, bison jerkey.  I actually at it- my first red meat in probablly 17 years!  It is a local, grass fed, healthy company that is into respectful raising and slaughter.

Sunday was another fun day that included a nice breakfast lacking of carbs (which I am cutting out now) and full of protein, a trip to home depot, painting, trip to the paint store, more painting, and then a nice mountain bike ride.  I’ve missed being on the bike and this was my first time back on the trail since my injury.  I was timid, really timid but it felt nice to just be on again, feeling the trail from t he saddle.  I took a little run afterwards while G got to go fast.  Good, long day.  Not enough sleep.

Week 5-

Right now it is my 5th day of week 5.  I had to miss the gym this  morning so I’m going after work.  I had planned on making this week full force doubles week, where I do cardio in the morning and the weights in the evening however it was a bit overwhelming.  I started to realize that I need to take things in step.  I became a bit worn out starting a whole new bit of exercises, fitting in runs to prepare for an upcoming half marathon instead of the cardio video, and becoming religious to the nutrition.  I’ve done well with the nutrition so far and have been getting my protein in.  I made a run but really had a hard week of lack of sleep and stress so I skipped Wednesday’s run.  I’m hoping this is a learning curve type thing and I’ll be able to balance the workouts, running, nutrition, and most importantly, sleep as I roll in to next week.  I have opted not to do a trail race I had planned to do this weekend.  Instead I’m meeting friends for a run on Sunday and then some yoga.

I’m stoked though- the end is pretty far away still but I’m enjoying the journey so far.  Last week I hated it because I felt like a fat bum, not doing my usual intensity but I’m starting to feel a bit stronger this week and am looking forward to doing Monday’s workout again.

  • Favorite Workout-I really liked the new chest/shoulders/back workout, though it was super hard.  The one-armed pushup is introduced.  I kind of just sat there trying to figure out how I would do it logistically.  There’s my new goal- pump out some one armed push-ups by the end of week 7.
  • I finally incorporated the p90x cardio workout in on Friday.  I really liked it and am looking forward to doing it again next week.  I think I was trying to load way too much into my workout plans.
  • The weekend workouts were out the window as my new workout was changed to home renovation.  I certainly got a workout hauling heavy items, hammering, and using a crow bar more than I ever have in my life.  A good break from the videos.

Week 4- Recovery

I hate recovery week.  It is so hard for me not to do anything.  It was a very nice thing to incorporate new workouts into this week.  The Core Synergistics is a really fun workout that gets your heart up and keeps your muscles working.  For sanity sake I had to add a long bike ride and a little extra in to this week.

Week 1-3

The first 4 weeks of the p90x program went well.  I was still recovering from injury so I had to modify any pullups.  By the last week I was again able to complete one full pullup on my own.  I’m getting stregth back.

I didnt follow the nutrition but plan to in the next round.  I’m feeling strong and good.

  • Favorite workout- Shoulders and Arms, I tend to see muslce improvement in my shoulders and arms faster than any other place in my body.  I really like working my shoulders but had to be careful with my AC injury.  I think this helped a whole lot with my recovery since I was working to strengthen the muscles around the joint.  I was extremely suprised on how weak my right was compared to my left because of the injury.  Just one thing I can work on.
  • Least Favorite workout- This is a toss up between the Yoga and the Kempo. I’ve done yoga for many, many years and just found the workout to be too long and elementary at times.  I switched the p90x yoga for Cyclo-Zen yoga which is still a hard, muscle building workout that gets my hip flexors nicely stretched and body relaxed.  I was dissapointed in the kempo workout.  I dont feel like it got my heart rate up nor did it keep me interested.  I’ve done tae-bo for a long time also but did not find the kempo worth my time.  I actually did a great thing switching it for the p90x+ interval workout.  This one kills me and is the exact type of workout my body needs.  It has become one of those love/hate workouts- I love it at the same time it is killing me.

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  1. joe cursey Says:

    Thanks for such a detailed explanation. I just finished the 90 day blaster and the ps90 your doing looks like a good follow up. I am 70 and have a cycling background and bodybuilding, would my age be ok thanks, joe aka olecoot

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