What is Cyclo-Club?… are words directly from the Coach, Graeme Street-

Cyclo-CLUB is my chance to give back! This is my chance to make my mark on cycling more than just a brand name and money. Cyclo-CLUB is my dream. It’s my vision and I will stop at nothing to make it come to life.

You see my friend, this isn’t really about me at all. It’s about ALL of us and what we as “everyday cyclists” represent to the world. We bring the idea that we have the power to better ourselves and better the world with each century, group ride, charity event, race, hill climb, and every pedal stroke in between.

Cyclo-CLUB is about YOU! I am giving YOU the opportunity to give back to cycling too! I don’t care if you’re old, young, fat, thin, poor or rich. We can all share and learn from each other and Cyclo-CLUB will be our home!

Reasons I love Cyclo-Club-

1. Great workouts you can download and do any time.  I have mine on my work computer, my home computer, and my ipod so I never have an excuse to miss.

2. Always new, innovative workouts.  Graeme has started Cyclo-LIVE workouts where he finds new ways to work your skills and make you sweat!

3. Support of other cyclists.  Other cyclists will understand those little obsessions you have with your derailleurs, handle bar tape, and tube dimensions better than your therapist.

4. Education from other cyclist.

5. Advice from experts.

6. Inspiration from member forum and blogs (like this one!)

7. A coach who really cares about you succeeding.

8. Detailed plans to get you stronger, more powerful and rested.

9. Great nutritional advice from Hammer Nutrition Gurus.

10. Sick deal for all of the above.  Well worth the $$.

If you have any questions about Cyclo-Club or any of Graeme’s products (I own all the videos), please email me or comment.  I don’t get paid to say all the good stuff- it is all honesty.


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