My name is Colleen and I love my bike- wait, I’ll edit that, I love my bikes.  Count right now is 4.5 but I’m always looking to add to my family.  Next up will be a cross bike, then a tri or another fixie, then….

I love everything that has to do with bikes- the lines, the feel of the shifters against my palm, the sound of the wheels on the road, or dirt, or wherever it might bring me.  I love where my bike has brought me and the potential of where I can go in the saddle.

I happily live in beautiful Austin, Texas and am surrounded by the most wonderful people everyday.  I am lucky enough to coach women to do their first triathlon as a part of Tri-Zones training and these women serve as constant inspiration to me.  I recently began mountain biking and have had so much fun racing.  I race for the Big Blue Army- the NRC/Pedalmashers.  I like challenges and really strive when others tell me things cant be done.   I like pushing myself but have a stubborn side when it comes to recovery.  I have some amazing athletes in my life that continue to help me push to new levels but always make it fun.  I’m learning about riding, racing, and acceptance from my guy, who’s athleticism, faith, and kindness give me strength and makes me blush like a girlie-girl.  Yeah, I’m pretty dang lucky.

I’m a microbiologist by trade.  I enjoy bacteria far more than anyone normal.  I am intersted in all things related to fitness physiology.  I am constantly reading and learning new things, soaking up as much as I can.  I feel blessed in numerous ways and that is what keeps me going at full speed.


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  1. E to the R Says:

    You can do anything. ANYTHING!!!


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