I’m the girl in the sports bra and ponytail, probably on a bike, fingernail paint all scratch up, and bruises on my shins. i’m the girl with blue eyes and a smile, sun tinted cheeks and a happy heart.

~ my fortune cookie from Friday night said, “you have a charming way with word.  write a letter this week”.  The above is my first non-school or work related writing in a while.  I’m going to try and use my english degree a bit more for things other than abstracts and statistical dissertation summary descriptions every once and a while.

For all my wonderful friends and family, we are in the process of writing out thank you notes.  It has only taken way too long but they are coming.  it just takes a while to figure out how to accurately express our gratitude for everything…and to find time among the houses, work, racing, school, coaching, health, and everything else that’s been going on.  I’ll update again soon but for now- Pura vida everyone, life is beautiful, and things are happening!