Greg and I have a new addition to our family- or actually, soon to be legally binding family with our upcoming wedding.

To this family I bring in my awesome cat (though G may not always agree with that statement) HRH Mr. Furley.  I have had Furley since my first semester in Connecticut at graduate school when he sucked me in to taking him in on a cold winter’s night.  He will be nine years old this July and has his own personality and for someone who has never been a “cat person”, Furley is the perfect match.

Now, much to Mr. Fulrey’s disapproval, we’ve added one more to our cave crew.  For a while Greg and I have talked about getting a dog.  For anyone who knows me, they know my obsession with dogs.  I get dogs, I dont always get people.  If there is a dog at a race or wherever we may be, I go meet him/her.  I remember people’s dog’s names much more often than I remember their name.  I can be in mid conversation with someone, mid word, and walk off because a dog just walked by.  Again, I get dog.  I havent had a dog because for so long I lived in an apartment.  Once I moved into my house, the thought of a dog was closer however Greg and I are so active and travel so much that we wanted to make completely sure we were ready.

We met a sweet Blue Lacy about a year and a half ago and found out that this amazing breed is the official state dog of Texas.  That sealed the deal with us and we knew that one day we’d have a Texas Blue Lacy.  I am not a fan of dog breeders and have always had rescued dogs in my life.  There are so many sweet and wonderful shelter dogs that need homes, we were determined to find our friend at one.

After looking on way to many times, I found a sweet pup at a shelter in Lampassas (about an hour and a half drive from Austin) that was a blue lacy mix.  She was thought to be 11 months old and her name was Lady.  I emailed Greg on Thursday with the subject line, “Why do I torture myself?”, meaning that she was beautiful and wonderful but I didnt think we could get her.  Greg jumped on it and emailed the shelter and the next morning went out to meet this Lady.  Friday afternoon he came to my office with her in his truck.  She was a little timid at first but once we rolled around on the floor together, I knew she was our dog.

Her name at the shelter was Lady but being proper Texans as we are, we had to give her a Texas name.  Please met Lady Bird.

Long legs and big paws that she will grow in to one day.

LB and her new dad.

She has a white patch on the back of her head that looks like a lightening bolt. Can you say superdog?

Wednesday she accompanied me to work while Greg put the finishing touches on the new fence and did his own work.  She had a good day here at Omni Environmental and took a number of naps- especially after our first 3 mile run.  One of these days, when she is ready, she will get her very first half marathon medal, with me in tow.

Passed out after our first run.

Right at home in my bed.

Today she is at home resting after being spayed yesterday.  She slept on the bed with me the whole night, taking up 70% of the space, while Furley was taking up 15% by my feet.  A cozy little night.  Furley is warming up to her- actually, I guess, he’s learning to tolerate her and last night’s morphine laced Lady Bird allowed for closer, much more calm inspection by Furley.  Lady Bird is very happy to have a big brother and just wants to play with him.  He’s not amused just yet.

New fence, designed and constructed by Greg.