Nothing really all that special to say but there are some really big fun things happening soon.

This weekend is the first big mountain bike race for my season- the Dirty Dozen. I will be doing the 6 hour race while my Caveman will be spinning his wheels for 12 hours.  I’ve been having some health issues lately and have not been able to train so I’m just going to be happy to be on my bike.

Next weekend is the Austin Marathon. Sanity and vincibility (right,that’s the opposite of invincibility) has set in and I will not be doing the full marathon…but there’s always a chance. I will instead run the half beside one of my very closest friends as she does her first half marathon (that’s you E!).

The third weekend this month marks one month till our wedding. Crazy and fun. We are super laid back but I have officially deemed that weekend “Wedding Work Weekend” where the stuff that needs to get done, will get done.

The last weekend this month is the first race of the TMBRA series and will be my first race as a Cat 2 rider. I have a strong team and cant wait to be out there with the big girls. Luckily it will be at a course I know well, Warda and I’ll just keep getting better each time I saddle up.

Last but certainly not least, Tri Zones Training is beginning the planning and work for the women’s triathlon training season. I’m very excited for the pre-season and unbelievable blessed to have two other wonderful people as co-coaches this year! More than anything else I can think of, signing up for my first triathlon has changed my life in so many ways.

An now to two things that make me very happy. I believe you, Joe will remember my love and adoration for the Platypus.

~ride blessed, be blessed ya’ll

I cant help it, I am a sucker for Zombies!

the type of super hero i will be