OK, don’t freak out!  Seriously- stop that! I fully admit that all day yesterday and for the start of today, I’ve been taking smoke breaks at work but I promise you, it is for my health.

First off, let me give some background to explain.  I work in a windowless office.  Me, the person who loves the outdoors, is BFF with the sun, enjoys fresh air like a meth addict, works in an office without a single window.  This is a very, very, very hard thing for me.  I’ve though about painting the walls with a fake window or two but haven’t yet and actually it saddens me that fake windows is what it has come to aside from quitting my job . In the office it is just me, my computer, microscope, loads of paperwork, and my cream white walls- and not a drop of real light.

This has really started to put pressure and stress on me.  I find myself extra tired and in a bad mood.  My soul cries out for some solar stimulation and these office 6  lights simply smirk at my appeal.

In order to keep my little soul happy, I’ve started taking “smoke breaks”.  I don’t have a cig because I am not a smoker but I do go outside at least once every two hours for an office break.  I try to shoot for every hour but sometimes I’m in the middle of a project and don’t get away.

My break may be as simple as going to my car for something or taking out the trash but it is my little pill for sanity that I must take.

All florescence and no sun makes me depressed girl.

So with that, I end this brief post to go take my 5 minute smoke break for this hour.  Maybe I’ll change the terminology and call it my “sun break”.