Recharge Your Workout

There’s nothing like a new energy to recharge me and make me want to get in gym, carving the trail, or hitting the road.  Whenever I’m in a workout rut or in the mood where I just cant seem to get up and do it, I have little tricks to get my pumped and hyped.  After a long week of seriously good but hard workouts, early mornings, and rain in the forecast, I really need some extra help getting to the gym for a workout this week.  I havent completely decided if I will do my legs/back today or hold it off and do it tomorrow.  Today could be a well deserved rest day or maybe even a free yoga happy hour at Yoga Vida.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways I have is that I download the newest episode of The FitCast to listen to while I workout.  This is a podcast full of lots of useful info on working out, nutrition, and strength training.  Yes, I do listen to podcasts about working out while working out.  I do also like to listen to podcasts about running while running- a point made fun of by my friend’s husband on many occasion.    I like doing this because it keeps me focused on what and why’s of my workout as well as giving me a little knowledge which carries over in to my school and coaching.  Also, if a nasty little mid set cloud of doubt or tiredness creeps over my little head, I can push through it easier because I want to hear all of what Kevin, Johnathan,  Leigh, Cassandra, Tony and whoever else they have on the program have to say.  I’m downloading the newest episode as I type- yipeee!

Another little trick is to mix things up.  I love figuring out a new workout to try and do.  I either change up one I already have, try a new class at the gym, or incorporate a completely new element into my schedule.

Nothing beats having friends also.  Tuesday I hit the pavement with my two kick-ass training cohorts for a simple after work 15miler.  Typically we save our long runs for the weekend but schedules are hectic and we decided to give it a try this time.  It was actually pretty awesome.  We did a loop on the trail and then went in and out, up and down, all around downtown Austin to finish up the run.  It sure helped that Jen had her boy’s garmin so we could keep track of exactly how many miles we had ran and our pace.

I played the friend card again yesterday- friend and boyfriend.  I met Greg and Mel after work for the dread of my training, track work.  Mel enjoys track work and Greg wanted to play with speed so we went for it.   Mel and Greg did all of their workout barefoot and I did about 80% of mine sans shoes.  It helped my form so much.  I really did enjoy the work and surprised myself with easily beating our marathon plan prescribed pace each time.

Other ways I get out of my rut costs just a little more.  I like to buy new shorts or a new sports bra.  I have two brand new stlyin’ sports bra hot off the UPS truck from Sierra Trading Post in my office right now along with another goodie!

My new kicks also just skipped their way in here from Xterra.  Greg and I both won a pair of shoes at the Camp Eagle Xterra race.  As we were leaving, I said hi and had a nice conversation with the right person at the right time.  He was the race director and he forgot to give out the free shoe coupons so he gave one to me.  Pays to be friendly, eh?  I pushed it a little when I asked if I could take the other for my boyfriend but when he realized that it was the same guy who had the fastest bike time of all the racers, he happily gave it to me for his prize.

Still working on the plan for the day but my motivation to kick it is much higher now with my new shoes and new threads.  Maybe I’ll hit the gym, maybe I’ll snag the yoga mat, maybe I’ll just go home and get some much needed sleep.  After all, rest is just as important as getting your booty in to the gym. I’m good at the latter, still working on the shut eye.

I have some big, big, rocking, freaking awesome news to post up on soon but that will come later.  Just some awesome changing of gears to be had!

Have a wonderful weekend. Ride blessed and be safe.