in no particular order

a good long run with good friends (thanks Mel and Jen for the 15miles on tuesday)

getting in my car on a hot austin day and feeling how warm it is

waking up, taking a hot shower, then running back to bed and getting a few more minutes of sleep

a hard workout

the way my covers envelope me on a cold morning


when a dog leans in real close to my face when he first meets me and looks me in the eyes and knows we know each other

when my boyfriend gets really excited about something and it makes me think of what he must have been like as a 6 year old

when you are sick and you sneeze and you feel so much relief

my dog shaughnesy (my childhood dog)

the pain of a really great ab workout

waking up in a tent and realizing i’m outside in beautiful scenery

the end of a hiccup marathon

breakfast club, pretty in pink, farris bueller’s day off, loverboy, cant buy me love, goonies, say anything, love actually, shaun of the dead, happy gilmore, billy madison, edward sissorhands, (i’ll keep adding)

when i cant stop laughing to myself (sometimes about myself)

abner smoothy bear-bear jonhnathan quindlen (age 24) and sugarbear (age 28) my teddy bear and t-rex (stuffed) i’ve had for ages

marthastewartliving magazine day, bike magazine day, mother earth news magazine day

when my cat hops up on my chest as i am falling asleep and falls asleep too