After the Wurst Ride 2007- Bobcat Alumni- Elisa (red jersey), Me, Melissa, and Jennifer.

I have some pretty awesome friends.  I feel very lucky to have a great group of people in my life who support me in all my crazy endeavors,  are always there whenever I need a vent, and continually inspire me to do more and be more.

Two amazing women I’ve known for the last 4 years are my two closest running buddies, Mel and Jen.  They are such great and fun women and we’ve had so many adventures together.  I am very thankful to have them both in my life.  Seriously, you girls kick so much ass and I love doing it with you two!

I met Jen back in 2005 as we were both training for our first triathlon.  We were in the same training group and she was wearing an “SWT” shirt so, as a fellow bobcat alumni, I made my way over to her to say hi.  Little did I know that the path we’d run, bike, and swim down together would bring so many experiences.  When I first met Jen, her mother was going through her second battle with breast cancer.  Over the years she fought and never gave up.  The strength her mother had is evident in Jen’s tenacity, positive attitude,  and amazing light.  Jen’s mother lost her third battle about a year ago but Jen has continued to fight in her name through Race for the Cure, a recent 3-day walk in Seattle, and a number of other fundraisers and programs.

Recently she was interviewed on Austin KVUE regarding “In Mammary of Mom”, a group she belongs to which raises money for the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Please watch the video below and if you can, please donate to her crew of In Mammary of Mom.

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Young women honor their moms

October 9th, 2009

Since 2006, the “In mammary of mom” team has grown, and so has its fundraising efforts. Last year the group raised more than $7,000. So once again this year they?re raising money to Race for the Cure. KVUE’s Terri Gruca reports.