XX of Caveman and Cupcake.

When I first started triathlons, I was very interested in the world of Xterra off road triathlons.  It was always a “one day” type of thing for me because, though I wanted to, I did not know how to mountain bike.  Time o’ they have changed!  Last year I happily watched Greg complete his first Xterra triathlon on a very, very rainy and muddy day at Camp Eagle.  I knew it was something I’d have to do.  This was before I had competed in my first mountain bike race.

Fast forward to the Canyon Lake Dirty Xterra Triathlon in May.  I entered the sprint just to test the waters. The mountain bike was the main thing that kept me in the sprint category over the full since it was only 7miles of a trail that has once before catapulted me over the bars 3 consecutive times and made me throw in the towel only about 2 miles into the loop.  I was a much better biker by the time the gun went of for the race but I was still very nervous about the rock gardens and ledges.  I wont go in to details too much but I was blessed with 2 flats before my knobby tires touched the dirt trail but that was the only obstacle I really came my way.  I had a great time and loved the trail run.  I ended up getting 1st in my category by beating out one girl who finish and one who DNF’d.

The second Xterra I suited up for was the Regional championship in Arkansas.  Greg and I loaded up the truck and took a day off to make the journey away from the Lone Star State.  I did the full distance this time and really pushed myself mentally more than anything.  There were times of doubt on the two lap bike and times of pain and elation on the very fun run.  I really did have a great time at the race and enjoyed Burns Park as well as our camping company very much (well, except for those pesky raccoons who took a single bite out of each of my 4 avocados and then tossed them to the ground).  One very cool thing about this race is that Shonny V, a kick ass mountain biker whom I had only seen in videos previously, was there and won the women’s group.

Two weeks ago Greg and I made the fun trek to Camp Eagle, one of my favorite places to go play, for the Camp Eagle Xterra.  Cool enough Shonny V made it out to this race.  Not only did that stoke me, she borrowed Greg’s truck while she was in town so we got to know her a bit more.  Wicked!  I had never ridden all of CE before and was excited to get to ride the river bed, which became my favorite part.  The run was fantastic and I really enjoyed the 4 river crossings.  I ended up snagging 3rd and a pretty cool trophy from that race while Greg took first for a second year in a row and killed the bike with the fastest bike split.

Last weekend was the last Texas Xterra of the year and really like a big party with much of our racing crew.  It is so fun to see those people again that we’ve met and hung with over the season.  Everyone made a very strong showing.  I had a very good swim, skipping the wet suit again, but keeping up with many of the wet suit-ers anyhow.  The bike I knew would be hard but it was truely a fun ride for me.  Each time I get out on a hard course I test myself mentally and physically and hopefully come out stronger on both fronts because of it.  The run was alright though I did feel slow on most parts.  It was a flat run for the majority whereas my short legs and attention span really like the bounding and leaping that comes with a rough and rocky path.  I ended up a happy 4th at my fourth Xterra.

I was privileged enough to receive an invite to the Xterra National championships last week.  I have turned down the opportunity for a few different reasons but plan to make it next year if I am lucky enough to make it again. It really get me excited about my potential for next year and now I know what to focus on for my second Xterra season.

Now this post kind of seems rambling and unfocused but I need to get back to work and pay the bills. Soon Caveman and I will be off to Colorado for some site seeing, some riding…ok, lots of riding, some camping, and fun!

Dreaming of being on two wheels. ride blessed ya’ll