bombI’ve long been a fan of Coach Dos.  He’s pretty much capable of dropping atomic knowledge bombs with each sentence I read.  I’ve read his articles and heard interviews with him for a while however somehow I missed his blog until now.

My good friend Joe sent me a link to Dos’s today since he knows of my admiration/obsession/intrigue with pull-ups.  It is a great post which relates why performing lat pulldowns is NOT the way to work up to doing your first pull-up.  Pull-ups were the subject of my big paper for my exercise phys class this past semester.

As always, the bombs have been dropped and with each post I get more excited about trying a new workout.

Here are some of the recent highlights which I strongly recommend you click on to read:

RECOVERY….The KEY to optimal performance?

This one includes a great recovery chart that I think I’ll incorporate into my athlete’s training as well as my own (because if you know me, you know how awful I am with recovery)

The BEST Interval tracks on the planet!

This one gets the award for bestestestest workout post I’ve seen in the last day.  It makes my tired body want to get up and do this workout right now!  I don’t think however that would be good since I’m at work and should be looking in to the microscope…but hey, it is only 4 minutes long!  I think I’ll save it to my ipod and do it at the gym after work today.

If you are in to Tabatas, you’ll find this post unbelievably helpful as it has a great video but also has information about Dos’s verbal cue tabata music from workoutmuse.

check the video and then check his links for the music

Now I’m on to read more Dos doctrine- have a wonderful day ya’ll and get out there and sweat!