treadThere has been whole lot of talk among the knowledgeable and educated in the fitness community these past few days over the recent Time magazine article and, because I really do care about putting correct information out and helping people to understand their bodies, I can refrain no more from putting the link on my blog.

I hesitated for a long time to actually touch this subject because I believe the article is so asinine and dripping with pure misinformation and I worried sending more traffic its way would only perpetuate the absurd claims the author puts forth.  From a scientist’s education, a kinesiologist’s point of view, and a writer’s heart, this article pains me in so many ways.  It saddens me that a major news magazine would waste ink, trees, and internet space to put this out to the public; the public who way too often believes what they are told, especially about diet and fitness because they are so clueless.   That cluelessness is not a judging point here, I don’t blame the majority of Americans for not understanding even the basics of nutrition when media bombards us with quick fixes, miracle drugs, and unrealistic ideals.

There are so many misfacts and fallacious statements in this article that I had to refrain with all my strength from putting my head through the computer to stop the insanity.  I am even having a hard time finding the correct words to describe the article with eloquence because “just plain stupid” or “out of his mind” don’t really give much weight.


Now, if you like, go read the article but I beg you, read it objectively with an educated mind.  Understand why the author is not “thin” and why his “cardio days” are useless.  Don’t get overwhelmed and glassy eyed by random statistics which look to prove his own downfalls.  Take to heart the the notably stupidness and foolishness of his post workout meals.  Remember that correlation does not mean causation and that many of the statements of fact in the article are opinion made to look factual when a scientific article is referenced.

I’ll take one example of the problem.  The 165 pound author says his cardio days consist of a, “five minutes warming up on the VersaClimber… {then} 30 minutes on a stair mill”.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he actually breaks a sweat during this cardio unlink a large number of cardio machine junkies at the gym.  (On that note, many, many people rely on the calorie counts on the cardio machines which are very inaccurate).  If you plug the numbers into a calorie burned calculator, again assuming he was doing the exercise at the appropriate intensity and correctly, his calories burned comes to 394 calories.  I even gave him a little extra because the calculator did not have the vera climber so I used 40 minutes on stair mill instead.

He later talks about entightelment of food because one has worked out- like starbuck muffins, greasy burritos, and chips.  Seriously, trying to burn one pound of 3500 calorie fat isnt going to happen with a deficit 400 calories from the gym then the introduction of 430 calorie burrito from 7-11.  He also tries to make the point that he’d have more energy to shop if he didnt workout and wouldnt have to make a trip to get that greasy burrito.   Again, the audacity of this author.  I have no sympathy for you- I think of the single parents who work 2 jobs and manage to get healthy meals on the table for their childern.  I think of those who actually deserve our sympathy.  I think of those starving not whining that they cant control their hand from reaching for the first food around.  Justification for failure?  That what it seems like to me.  And sure, maybe you are exhausted from your 40 minutes of cardio you did before you went to your office to sit at your computer for 8 hours but how difficult is it to get a bag of carrots and a protein shake?  Really, they sell those at 7-11 as well but I bet you never looked Mr. author.

Weightloss comes down to both diet and exercise.  Diet more so than exercise however exercise gives us strength, confidence, and those awesome endorphins, not to mention loads of other attibutes.   Be accountable for what you do and what you put in to your mouth.

Honestly, I cant take much more of this article so I shall end the ranting post I started with some positive thoughts.  Go out today and try at least one thing new- challenge yourself and be proud of that step! Positive thought and a cartoon to make you laugh.

one of the many awesome comics from,

one of the many awesome comics from,

…oh yeah, and you cant “convert 10 pounds of fat to muscle”.  Fat doesn’t magically become muscle or anything.  Fat cells are fat cells, muscles cells are muscle cells. (Ahh, that pains me to think that someone actually published that.  Please, please, please do not allow this man and musclular knitting guru Tracy Anderson in the same room or the world might distruct out of absurdity.)