Sheepy_Birthday_2My birthday is this Sunday.  365 days have passed since my last.  Ok, hello Captain Obvious for that last statement, I know but I’ve just been thinking about all the things I’ve done this past year.  So many wonderful adventures, so many exciting happy moments, stress, anticipation, love, challenges, hope, and faith have filled my days.  I started last year with a wonderful birthday celebration- I rode the Longhorn Half Iron course with Greg, went to a buffet after wards and watched the Olympics, took a nap, went to a very romantic and fun dinner overlooking the lake with an amazing sunset, and then went to late night dollar movie.  Really, it was the best birthday ever.  This year I’m hoping to get in a nice mountain bike ride and some weekend fun. Might not be exciting to others but is pure bliss to me.

Things I’ve done this last year:

-Completed my first half-ironman.

-Managed to stop a bike thief.  That was insane and fun and crazy mad all at the same time but the fool didnt get away with my man’s fixie!

-Camped numerous times.

-Coached a second fabulous group of women for TriZones Training.  I learn more about myself and life from these women than I could have ever thought.

-Decided to take the jump and get my Master’s in Kinesiology.  First semester ends Friday, pulling a 4.0 looks very likely.  Fingers crossed for my exercise physiology final tomorrow.

-Celebrated my first year in my very own house.  Planted my first garden, harvested my first vegetables, and started composting (thanks dad!).

-Competed in my first mountain bike race- Ruston, LA.  Finished dead last and happy as hell.  The wonderful women I competed against were waiting for me at the finish to congratulate me.

-Managed to rip my AC joint at my second race.  Had to put in a lot of time for rehabbing my shoulder.  Also broke my first bone ever- my little pinky which will forever be disjointed like a pirate hook.

-Did 2 rounds of p90x. Can now do 3 full, unstopped pull-ups, working on 10.  This is the first week of round 3.

-Finished the TMBRA mountain bike season on top.  Proudest race was the Austin Reimer’s ranch race because it is a hard course with a lot of big rocks which my body has the tendency to collide into way too often.

-Road trip to Moab with my Caveman.  Was such a wonderful time and saw so many amazing things including Canyonlands, Dead Horse, sandstorms of insanity, and Tinker Warez.

-Got my very own 29er single speed bike.  thanks Greg, it is so much fun!

-Competed in Mountain bike nationals in Colorado.

– Started going back to church (sporadically) and found a community that I really enjoy.

-Became an ex-vegetarian.  Hard, hard decision for me but a necessary one.  I found out that I am unable to have estrogens which in turn makes it so I can not have soy- the main protein source for me as a vegetarian. I slowly started to eat seafood again with sprinkling of a few other animals and try to do it as mindfully as possible and thank them for their lives.

-Took on my first 6-hour mountain bike solo race.  Cant wait to do my first 12 hour one day and then….

-Started building up my cross bike.

-Began racing Xterra triathlon races- have done 2 so far and have two more on the calendar.

-Did my first Crit race. Have done the women’s clinic each first Thursday since.  The Flyers are doing such an amazing job at it and I’m really thankful for all they’ve taught me.

…..I’m just going to keep adding to this~