This weekend was one that rarely comes around, it was an off weekend.  No races, no big, huge scheduled workouts, no traveling, just chilling in my beloved city of Austin, Texas.

Friday I decided to take my man on a date.  We have so much to celebrate with racing, work, school, and just our general existence, I figured we needed a nice meal at someplace new.   We ate fabulous food at a Cho Sun Bal Bi Korean BBQ.  It was so good and we left filled and happy- also happy that we easily stuck to our paleo/caveman eating.   I ordered us two appetizers- an avocado bomb that was half of an avocado stuffed with crab in a spicy sauce, topped with raw shrimp and roe, and eel skewers.  We were having an adventure and since I’ve returned to the world of flesh eaters, I like to try the exotic (or what we Americans call exotic).  I am only doing this with seafood so far . I have a very hot (temp wise) spicy crab soup and Greg dug in to the bulgogi.  I recommended the bulgogi only because it is something I know my parents always order at Korean restaurants.  It was all very good and the salad sides were outstanding.

Saturday we attended our once a month ritual of the Frankenbike sale.  I received the bulk check for my coaching and am ready to go full force in to building up my bike.  Unfortunately the sale was less than spectacular and I ended up only buying a seat post which ended up being the wrong size anyway.  Fail.  I’ll just sell it for what I bought it for or keep it around because you never know when I’ll need it.  It was a good deal so I’m not bumbed.

Since we were up north, Greg and I decided to have an adventure at the MT Market.  Austin has a few large Asian groceries.  I’ve only been to MT once and didn’t get to really see it all that time.   I’ll separate my MT section into a new post because this one is getting long.

With the market adventure done, we were starving and made the journey to the Austin original, Maria’s for tacos.  I love migas on corn.  I don’t do flour and make the paleo exception when it comes to migas.  If you come to Austin, this is one of the places you should hit up for lunch…just add it to the list of the hundreds of great taco shacks that sprinkle the city.

Yummy Goodness!!

Yummy Goodness!!


"find your home in your taco"

Hola Maria!

Hola Maria!

After the market, we rested and then went out to the Tour de France viewing party to watch our local boy Lance finish strong and proud.  I will argue with any Lance detractors.  I think he is spectacular both athletically and socially.  Greg came to the party decked out for a night ride and I rolled on my fixie.  I really love riding home at night on my fixie.   There’s a beautiful simplicity in the bike and the night air combination.  It was about 11:15 and people were getting ready to drink their week away at various bars and I couldnt have been happier maneuvering through them on my wheels.

Sunday I met with a friend at a local pool for some swim lessons.  I’ve been contemplating for a while as my next step for coaching.  I know now that I will get at least my level 1 swim coach certification if not level 2.  After the dip in the pool, I met up with Greg on my mountain bike.  He had to do a long ride so I met him just about 3 hours into his ride and we rode for just under 2.5 hours.  He pushes me and makes me go back and do things that I walk on.  I get mad only at myself and really love when he makes me redo sections because he knows I can.  I’ve improved a lot but the biggest thing holding me back is the mental aspect.  Luckily, I’m taking sports psychology next semester and hope to work on my own mental blocks.

I’ve described mountain biking to a fellow coach as a chess game on crack because you have to pick your move and stick to it within milliseconds.  You always have to be thinking about not the next move but the one 10 moves ahead.  The mental game is so interesting for me with mountain biking.  You come to a section that your brain says, “Uh, what are you doing?  There’s no freaking way you are going to make that.  Remember what happened last time?  Rocks hurt, see how steep it is, that drop is insane, you’ll fly right over the bike”, but you have to tune it out because your muscles and stubbornness know it is possible.  It is weird  feeling.  There’s a certain downhill part at Walnut that I always ride as part of a mental exercise.  When you are a the top, it looks like the only option is to tuck and roll.  My brain argues full force with my body on this section but I’ve made it every time and once you are down it, it doesn’t seem hard.  Your brain builds it up to be something it is not.  Large roots have been this way for me.  I flew myself over my bars one night trying to pop up on a curb- something I had done before- and have not been able to bring myself to trying it again.  I look at the roots like they are curbs.  On Sunday’s ride, Greg made me go back and clear a root.  It was easy once I actually did it but it was a fight and struggle getting my mind up to the task.

Here’s to working with my mental state :).

Be thankful, Be blessed, Ride blessed ya’ll~