How come in society we honor and respect risk takers but when it comes to our own lives, or the lives of those we know, we are against risk taking?  People dream of living in another country but  do nothing to make it happen.  They say how lucky so-an-so is because they are doing something they have always wanted to do themselves but don’t understand that they have the same potential.  People will stay in a job they don’t like and get through each day robotically while wishing for another opportunity- for what?  The paycheck from the job they don’t like?  The “security” of their situation?

Why are people so hesitant to do what their heart tells them to do?  There are tons of excuses you can make up to keep you from making a change but if it is really what your soul desires, then no reason is good enough.  Ignoring the dreams and putting them off for other reasons will give you nothing but resent and bitterness for your situation.  The fact that we admire people who take that step but shun the thought for our own direction doesn’t make sense. What special thing do those risk takers have that seems to be unnatural to the majority of people?  Is it just fear keeps so many from reaching for that new experience?

Only those who will risk going too far

can possibly find out how far one can go.  -T.S. Elliot

There is a great book my friend Joe introduced me to called, Tribes, by Seth Godin.  I actually listened to it while driving to and from work.  It talks a lot about this and I think I will listen to it again just to remind myself that what you dream is possible- you just have to do it.  Being stagnant does nothing but put your dreams out of reach.

What risk can you take today?  What fear can you overcome to create a more beautiful life?  What the heck is holding you back?

Shall we play a game?

Shall we play a game?