I consider the money I make from coaching as being fun money.  I work really hard for it and love coaching beyond belief.  There’s a whole lot of preparation, stress, paperwork, and communication that goes along with coaching but the emotional payoff of seeing the athletes cross that line is priceless.

Last year I bought my beloved mountain bike from Sara Krause with my coaching money.  It was my first real, real mountain bike and it was so much more than I needed or even realized but Sara gave me a sick deal and I couldn’t pass it up.  I figured if I bought the bike, I’d have to become a good mountain biker.  I think it paid off and my love for mountain biking has grown exponentially.

Here’s a pic of me and my little handsome fella the race that I felt was a big turning point in my skills and speed (Riemer’s Ranch)-


This year I am building up a cyclocross bike for this next cross season.  I’m building it bit by bit, learning along the way.  I’ll post pics of the new bike once he…or she is all built up.

Last year I also splurged on a super cool flat screen tv for my new house.  Those who know me know I dont care much about technology nor do I ever have to have the newest and biggest of things.  I bought my TV to go along with my 5 channel- no cable, and I’m happy I did.

This year’s splurge item is a very useful item being that I want to get in to more endurance mountain bike riding.  I decided to gift myself for a great coaching season and a hard riding season with some super awesome AY UP! lights for my bike.  These are the sickest lights around and I’m super stoked to get them.  They cost a little less than the TV and I’m sure I’m betting I’ll get more use out of them than my tube.  I guess I’ll have no excuse to not follow Caveman on night rides now. They are super small and super light and super, super strong.

ay yo

Check out the lights here at their website.

Ride blessed ya’ll.   I’m off to take Tonka on a little Greenbelt ride before coaching tonight.  Just a fun little ride with my big single speed demon.

…oh wait, you want a pic of Tonka…?  ok, here’s my big boy!


now go out and RIDE!!!