141-3RacoonOnPoleI’m not really writing my own post today- I’m sending you to other brilliant people’s posts. I’m busy but did get a chance to go visit one of my favorite blogs, Step Up!, where Tony Gentilicore never fails to drop some knowledge as well as make you laugh like a hyena.

If you’ve never checked it out, do so.  If you dont agree with his training doctrine, then you dont agree with my training doctrine and we can no longer play in the sandbox together. Seriuosly though, he is a big advocate of women lifting heavy and hard- something I practice and preach religiously (did pullups with the boys this morning) – and he is actually educated in strength and function, not just a weekend online course for ex-pot head trainers who have subscriptions to Muscle&Fitness and MaxxxxMuscleMag.

You can spend hours reading all the old posts on Step Up! so I warn you in advance, have an excel spreadsheet open so when your boss walks in, you can restore it to make it look like you are doing work.

A few posts ago he put up a video Nia Shanks breaking the SPF national record with a 300 lb deadlift.  It is worth checking out because not only is she feminine, she’s freaking strong like bull (female bull that is…uh, wait, never mind).  Tony also added a link to her blog, The Fat Solutions, and I instantly became a fan since the recent post is titled “Functional Training Exposed”.   It talks about what is right about functional training and what is so completely totally wrong with what people in the gym do and call functional training.  My 5:30am gym workout this morning usually keeps the buso ball-deadlift to a back fly-tricep extentions-leg curl-gluet raise types sleeping safely under their covers however there are a few who make it up before the sun.  The afternoon gym crowd is often this type (I have my guesses as to why but I’ll save those for later) and for some reason some of the trainers are still out there pushing these types of workouts like it is snake-oil.  There is one awesome trainer though who I admire a whole lot that has her men and women preforming clean snatches,  full squats, and never lets them touch a machine.  Take a second read the post and understand why those inane combos are both dangerous and useless.  Here’s just a quote that sums up the main reason to shun the gym labeled “fucitonal training”,

Standing on an unstable surface forces you to use a lighter weight for whatever exercise you are going to perform. If you are using a light weight, you aren’t truly stressing the muscles you are trying to work.


And please, if you’ve learned anything from me,  make it stick in your head that just because it is in Fitness Magazine or on the glossy cover of Shape or (dios forbid) Oprah, doesn’t mean it is any good or will get you in to that size 2 by next week (it probablly wont).  Women- it is basic- lift hard, lift heavy, be strong, and be proud of your muscles.  The weight loss, definition, and all that jazz will come along as a bonus to all that.

Ride blessed ya’ll, be blessed.