…..and I’m lame.  I’ve been so exceptionally busy that I have not updated my blog in eons.  I am planning to as soon as things settle down.

Here’s a list-o-fun of things that have been happening in the life of a microbiologist/triathlete/coach/student/mountainbiker/girlfriend/healthnut

1. Saw Star Trek- pretty freaking sick even though I didn’t think I’d dig it; saw Wolverine- so great! but then again, anything with HG in it gets my thumbs up, have been watching the first season of 24- there are now words, just a name…Jack Bauer

2. Slowly but surely building up my cross bike.  I’ve got cranks, bottom bracket, handle bars, rad red bolts for my crankset,

3. My awesome cousin Christie came in town from Connecticut for a week and now has came back for two weeks. She’s a future Texan and is looking for a job, so fingers crossed for her!

4. I’ve been working as an assistant coach for the beginner and intermediate tri groups.

5. Traveled to Enchanted Rock, camped, and watched Greg in his final Cat 4 road race. He got his upgrade and is now a 3.  Babe- you still amaze me!

6. saw Big Lebowski and Fargo double feature at the paramount with Caveman and my cousin. Great, eh, am I wrong?, am I wrong?!

7. Going to the beach this weekend to celebrate all things American and Texan!

8. Been busting bum with school.  I spend probably an average of 30 hours a week working on school work.  It will all be worth it and I’m learning lots but it is time consuming.

9.  Traveled to Arkansas for the regional Xterra at Burns Park. Awesome venue, great race, wonderful race crew.  It was my first full xterra tri (1500 swim, 17.5 mtb, 10K trail run) and it was in the insane heat of the day.  Took 4 hours and I’ll admit, there were times that I thought I’d just like to stick to sprint off road tris but I cant wait to do my next full.

10.  And truck loads of other random things…