Both Caveman and I finally had an off weekend to relax and get to that “Things to Do” list that becomes infinitely long during racing season (and to be honest ya’ll, when am I not in racing season).

I coached my outstanding athletes bright and early Saturday morning.  These women continue to amaze me!  There is only one week until their big day- the Danskin Triathlon- and I have no doubt in my mind at all that each one will cross the line with a Cheshire cat sized smile on their face.  We did a mini-tri at the race site and they all rocked it!  Not only did they do fantastically, they cheered on the other teams and were so positive, shining the Tri Zones spirit brightly!

I’d like to give a big, huge, enormous shout out to the wonderful company Greenling here in Austin (and San Antonio).  Greenling provides organic grocery delivery in the area and I get a fresh box of yummy veggies and fruits every two weeks.  This company is local, supports local farmers, and are all around great people.  I received and email from their “Mango Maven” on Friday that for the third wonderful time they are donating boxes of organic fruits to the Tri Zones celebration tent at the Danskin race.

After coaching, I met up with Greg for some fun Frankenbike action in South Austin.  We loaded up the trailer and hooked it to the tandem.  Greg had a lot of stuff to sell and I had a number of dogs to meet as well as some things on my list to purchase.  I managed to get away with a Terry saddle to go on the tandem and a FSA Gossomer compact crankset for my cross bike.  I only dropped $15 on both.  Greg sold a number of items and then bought a sweet derailleur that he’s needed for a while.  He got it for less than half of what it is going for on eBay.

We rolled back home on the tandem and proceeded to the second thing on our list- Home Depot trip.  First off, I’ll tell you have don’t buy tons of shoes (other than running shoes for workouts), I’m not obsessed with handbags, and I don’t spend money on things like cable TV, video games, or hair supplies.  I spend money on bikes.  Since I’ve moved in to my house, I’ve also started a new obsession with buying plants for my yard because, well, it is my yard, my very first yard, weeds and all.

I knew going in to this HD trip, I’d spend some good money on plants and various other things.  I did not however plan that I’d be making another short trip to the store on Sunday for more and more plants.  I almost can’t help myself when I see something cool and unusual looking.  I managed to make deals with myself and put 3 of one type back in order to allow 2 of another type in the cart.  Good thing I regulated my cart because I had no room left in my little 4-door Mazda after the purchases.

Between the two days, I bought so many plants and had ideas and designs filling my head but hadn’t considered fully how much work would go in to it all.  I returned home on Sunday from my morning errands and did my p90x workout as I had planned.  I wanted to make sure there was no excuse for skipping it at the end of the day.  After that I worked in my back garden for an hour and picked some of my tomatoes and my very first zucchini squash.

I then proceeded to the front and realized then the full extent of my plans when I began to look around at all of my plants, mulch, and bedding.  Luckily the fools who fixed up the house to be sold didn’t do a good job seeding the grass they put out for show, so I was able to pull up the grass mats in chunks.  This made it all go a little faster but 3.5 hours later I was still working hard on it all.  Luckily I have awesome neighbors and received some great conversation while doing my work as well as a cold DosXX from one and  cold 24oz beer from another.   Fast forward 2 more hours and the actually planting could begin.  I planted under my tree, around my mailbox, and near the driveway- the biggest and toughest part of the day.

I’m very happy with how it all came out and love putting in a long hard days work.  There’s a really great feeling of being so physically exhausted but pleased by your efforts.  I could keep typing about the events of the day but lack of sleep is getting to me and my coffee is calling so I’ll just end here saying that it was a long night even after that since Greg came over for dinner and episodes of 24-season 1.  You can’t just watch one!

(post script- It is now Tuesday and I am still so ridiculously sore from the p90x legs/landscaping that I’m walking like I need a cane.)