I have severely slacked on post recently but I have good reason.  I’ve been busy.  Yeah, that’s about it- I’ve just been mad busy lately and haven’t had the time to write.  My cousin came in town to check out my beloved city and make it her own, my training group is preparing for our last week of training- the triathlon is next Sunday- and Monday I start back to school, working on my 4th parchment paper for my wall!

Getting everything in place so that I can start my first day of class online Monday has been nothing less than a labyrinth of phone calls, emails, and me banging my head on my desk.  I wont go in to much detail but I will say this is the part of the university system I will never understand.   Why are there incompetent people answering the phones at financial aid?  Why wont people call me back when I leave a voice mail?  Why will one office tell me one thing about payment of tuition and another office tell me something completely opposite?  I spent a while working in admissions at my undergrad and was proudly an orientation assistant so I feel lucky that I  know to be a hard-ass about the important things…uhm, like paying for school and getting registered.  I just wonder how many people are not as pushy as I am and slip though these administrative cracks?  There were times when I had to take a deep breath and remind myself why I decided to go get another degree.  I think of the women I train (and those I hope to one day train) and the fact that increasing my knowledge will better prepare me to help them reach their goals.

I’m registered, books are on the way, pencils sharpened, and I’m ready to go on my first semester as a Master’s of Kinesiology student.   I am excited!  I’m one of those dorky-nerdy types who really likes school and learning.  I’m the one who sat in the front of the class and asked tons of questions, I’m the one who blew the curve in physics and I’m ready to get back in to it.

My first two classes are Stats for Research and Physiology.  I’m stoked.  I put these two together because I was not looking forward to taking Stats but now I’ve read the syllabus and some of my prof’s writings and it seems like I’ll enjoy it.

I get so excited when I learn new things so hopefully some new, interesting posts will come up from my learning.

This weekend there’s no racing and no real plans other than coaching and going to the fun Frankenbike sale.  I’ll happily sleep in Sunday and relax for my upcoming week full of triathlon madness, school, workouts, and whatever else life throws at me.

Ride blessed, Be blessed ya’ll….