This month is filled with new fun things for me.  I recently posted about doing something that scares you.  Entering my first crit race scared me but I’m ready for more. Luckily I have an amazing teammate Sara who is an exceptional rider and coach.  She has offered to ride with any women from the team- kind of chaperon- who want to enter one of the non-ladies night crit races.  I think I’ll take her up on that next week.  Having that support is awesome.

More new things I did this week-

rlag1. Showed up at Ride Like A Girl, a women’s mountain bike night where groups go out and ride together at all different skill levels.  Though I love riding with my guy, sometimes hearing a skill explained by someone else makes it click.  I think I picked up a few  new things out there and cant wait to go again soon.  RLAG meets every Monday here in Austin.  The kickoff also had food and beer for the “fairer sex” to consume after a hard and hot ride.  I had wanted to do this last year but was too timid (for those who know me personally are probably laughing at the timid part but for real, I was nervous)

rockytrail2. I rode the Greenbelt all by myself. I’m a big girl!, I’m a big girl!  I know, I know some of you may roll your eyes but I’ve always been riding behind my guy on the Greenbelt and, though I don’t mind the scenery :), getting out on my own is very important.  I’ve learned to take great lines from riding behind Caveman and he’s always been so outstanding with teaching me to ride and slowing down for me (unlike a guy I met on my ride when I stopped to help his flip-flop wearing girlfriend put her chain back on).  It is important for me to practice being out there on my own because at races there’s no Caveman to follow.  I had a wonderful ride and have more confidence in my ability.  There were a few times when I didnt take a good line or didnt make things I wanted to so I just turned around and did them until I got it right.

XTERRA Logo 20083. This weekend will be my first Xterra Race.  The reason I wanted to learn to mountain bike was so I could do an Xterra.  This weekend is a hard bike course but I’m excited to try it.  I’ll be doing the sprint distance and Caveman is doing the full so I should get to see him finish, unless he smokes me painfully in everything and we finish at the same time.

cupcake DL14. Though the official results are not in yet, I earned the spot as the top Cat 3 Women, 30-39 racer in the TMBRA spring series.  I’m pretty stoked about that because from my first race back in September I feel I’ve really come far with my confidence and ability.  That all includes a month and a half off after my shoulder was torn up, getting the nerve to get back on after the crash, and working hard to get my strength back in the arm.  Oh yeah, that also includes a 2nd place finish at the last race on my new sweetheart 29’rigid single speed bike!


6. Now to the one of which I am most proud.  A big shout out to my wonderful athletes of the Tri Zones Training Beginner Women’s South Team.  We did a pretty intense interval workout on Wednesday.  They have less than a month until the Danskin Triathlon.  I am so proud of all of them and they are all such kick ass women!  The workout on Wednesday was a special one because I really think it is here that the women begin to believe that they will make it not just to the race but to the finish and they begin to see themselves as “athletes” rather than simply women or mothers or define themselves by their job.  They keep me going each day!