I actually recently snagged some from Ikea for $6 a piece but haven’t put them up yet.  I try my best but it is always nice to have a caveman/architect/carpenter as a boyfriend to help me out with things like this. ( “What, you can’t put nail to wall and just hang them?” I’m sure some of you are asking but when the shelf length doesn’t match your stud distance and your books weight a whole lot, all I’d get is a hole in the way from the shelf falling at 2am….so no, it isn’t that easy.)

My reasoning for needing bookshelves is because I’ve been half devouring books, articles, and ordering from amazon like I’ll be locked in a fallout shelter for the next 30 years.

Here’s what I’m reading, skimming, watching, and digging:


Pages I’m Flipping

  1. Good Calories, Bad Calories– I broke down and got my own copy because the library doesn’t look too fondly on you making notes in the margin or keeping it check out for months at a time.
  2. Definition of Fitness- sent to me by my Caveman from the Cross-Fit site.  Has really great info on it about metabolic pathways and all the nerdiness I love.
  3. The Land of Fat (Not By Bread Alone)- super big, huge, awesome shout out to Coach Jamie Hale for hooking me up with this.   It is the book, published in 1952 by the anthropologist/nutritionist who lived with Eskimos and his notes on their fat and meat diet.
  4. The Paleo Diet– Caveman is reading the P.diet for athletes now.  I’ll read that when he’s done. This is for more reference.
  5. Pose Method of Triathlon Techniques– haven’t bought this one yet but it is next in line.
  6. Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About– Skeptical on this after reading some info on the author and noticing that to get the true “cures” you have to join the site for a yearly fee. I will however read it for fun. Won’t put too much stock in it yet.


Still Reading

  1. Sugar Fix- The High Fructose Fallout– sadly this book is more of a diet and weight loss book than a scientific presentation of high fructose dangers.
  2. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration– so far, pretty awesome! Relates dental issues with modern diet introduction.
  3. The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America’s Underground Food Movements– Haven’t read more than about 30 pages but am enjoying it so far.


What I’m Watching

  1. Gary Taubes on Nightline being endorsed by Dr. Weil
  2. Gary Taubes on Charlie Rose with Dr. Oz, Dean Ornish, and Barbara Howard. I found this completely maddening. In the first place, I’m not a fan of Dr. Oz but Ornish hated everything that came out of Taubes mouth was completely wrong and heretical.  Howard was exceptionally stubborn regarding the diet “truths” the American Heart Association pushes.
  3. The beauty of Michael Phelps swimming.  I need to watch this 10x a day.
  4. The Future of Food– currently watching this
  5. 24 Solo– an insane mountain bike film talking about 24hour racing and an epic 24 hour race
  6. Off Road to Athens– another sick mtb film. Haven’t seen this one yet but cant wait to pop it in the DVD.
  7. Quicksilver– Kevin Bacon and a bike, don’t need more than that!
  8. Bigger, Stronger, Faster– a great documentary I watched shortly after it came out.  I had to buy it because I really think it is so great as far as scientific presentation and weighing both side.

So what are you reading and watching?  Any suggestions for my bookshelves?