Or maybe it is just the super strong cup of coffee I just had but I feel like I just hit the jackpot on Christmas morning.  I seriously almost attacked the FedEx man as he walked in to our front office….and by almost I mean running out of my office full speed saying “yeeeahhh!” with my arms over my head and facial expression like the girl below.

Coffee or not, I’m beyond stoked.  I don’t know what word would work for it but super duper excited doesn’t even come close!

This is how I feel:


After a really rough race yesterday as well as a morning dental appointment, having something to get me super charged and pumped really helped.

From watching Caveman/Greg this past season rip it up at the cyclocross races, I decided that aspect of biking would be right up my alley and I’d use my yearly bike money allotment to purchase a cyclocross bike.  About 4 weeks I started looking at bikes and frames much more seriously. I decided after talking to Greg that I would make it all a learning experience and build the bike up myself.

Last week I began the steps to my new bike education and purchased a frame from eBay.  I had done a lot of research on frames and decided that I’d try out the Origin-8 cross frame.  There are a whole lot good aspects to this brand but I’ll be honest, it is freaking hot looking and that weighed heavily in to my decision!  Those of you who understand that the words “sexy” and “bike” are as wonderful and salivating as pb&j, know what I’m talking about here.

Today, Happy Monday,  it came and I was able to hold my new 50cm frame in my hands- soon to be my first 700cc bike.  I feel like a proud mama.  Two guys in the office suite next door (both cyclists) even came over to check out my new present and were amazed at the quality and weight.

I’m adding to my stable- the count now is one shared tandem, road bike, beloved fixie extraordinaire, killer Kona mtb, and my original bike that saw me through my very first triathlon.