I get lots and lots of questions regarding why and how Caveman and I follow a Paleo diet. We try our best to do as much Paleo as possible- meaning no processed foods, no packaging, as local as possible, as fresh and free-range as possible, and as raw as possible.

We get a lot of questions from friends and family. We get a lot of people also telling us we are flat out wrong and will soon die from bacterial illnesses, liver dessication, or something much worse (though nobody can be specific about the “much worse”).  Honestly I feel so much healthier, clearer, and much stronger than I have before and I chalk it up to the Paleo-diet  lifestyle we’ve been following. (I use the words “diet lifestyle” here for two reasons: 1) so often diet is thought of as a temporary change mainly to facilitate weight loss and includes restriction and/or deprivation rather than a food intake change for a daily and lifelong difference, 2) a Paleo lifestyle really encompasses all aspects of life such as housing, commuting, and daily activities- which, since I live in a house, drive a car, have air conditioning, and dont live in a cave, is not accurate of my situation.  Thanks Caveman for bringing up this point.)

So if you’ve got questions, let us know.  Check out Caveman’s blog because he’s posted some great nutritional information and writes about eating raw meats.

For now, watch this exceptional video from “Pay Now, Live Later” which gives a good breakdown of Paleo/Primal diet.

There are tons of other great blogs out there for those curious.  Here’s a few I just found or have been reading for a while.

As a side note, I was a vegetarian for 17 years up to about 6 months ago when I was told I could no longer have any soy in my diet by a doctor.  I decided that I would slowly go back to eating animal but do it mindfully.  I have only done fish and a few bits of buffalo so I’m not yet eating raw T-bones like Caveman.