Everyone stresses about Mondays.  The weekend is over so many people feel that they are chained once again to their office, their structure, their monotony.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Celebrate Monday!  Put a big smile on your face right now and be happy that it is Monday.  There’s so much potential at the start of the new week and so much we can look forward to doing.

Start this week by making it exceptional.  Take a minute to really think about the upcoming week and maybe try out some of these suggestions.

  1. Make Goals for the week– oftentimes when we are in the middle of training, we only look at the big end goal- whether it is a race goal, weight loss, or ability, we loose track of the little steps we take along the way.  Take the time each Monday to assess your situation and write out weekly goals.  These can be as simple as do one extra interval in your next workout to taking a 5 minute meditative break during your work day or sticking to a 10pm bed time.
  2. Make a Challenge for the Week– Challenges teach us something about ourselves.  Make a challenge each week.  This is a little more than the goals.  The challenge can be diet related or workout related.  Not eating HFCS for a full week, eating organic foods, or working to do a full or extra pull-up.
  3. Learn Something New– I don’t mean necessarily learning quantum physics or how to play the violin in a week.  I just mean that when your brain questions something, instead of ignoring that little inquiry, take the time to find the answer.  Understand why things happen the way they do whether it is with your body, workout, or just something random. What is pasteurization and should we worry about it?  Why do bees make honey?  How important is recovery to your workouts?
  4. Turn off the TV– If you are a TV addict, try one day.  Heck, try for one hour and see how much you can get done.  Just by taking the step to push the off button, you can get so many of the other things on this list done.  So many people complain that they don’t have the time to workout or read or do this  and that, however the television set is always warm and there is an ever-present indention in the couch cushion.
  5. Play– When we are so concentrated on workouts we sometimes forget how fun it is to play.  We should really look at workouts as a gift because we have the ability to do them but I know that sometimes I just want to get in, get done, and get out.  Take a day to play.  Go to the local springs and do you swim but keep it unstructured, work in your garden, go on an easy bike ride (no team kit, no speedometer) around your town.
  6. Try a new food– Just go into the produce area of the market (because you shouldn’t be going down the rows anyway) and find something you have no idea what it is or how to make it.  My most recent discovery- thanks to Caveman- has been rutabaga.  It is so wonderful!
  7. Turn off the Fluorescence– Turn off the lights in your office and open the window blinds.  This makes the day and week so much better.  It is really amazing how fluorescent lights add to your stress, discomfort, and exhaustion at work.  If you don’t have a window, bring in a lamp and see if it brings a better beat to your day.
  8. Thank Yourself and Others–  This is important. We work so hard during the week and forget to take the time to thank ourselves for our hard work and to thank those wonderful people around us that give us inspiration and support.  Thank people you don’t know and let them feel your appreciation for them being there, like the checkout girl at the market or the cleaning crew at the gym.  When you are thankful you take note of the many blessings around you and those things that normally stress and aggravate seem so much smaller.

Happy Monday, thank you all for reading, be blessed, ride blessed~