The time has come for my big announcement. I feel silly making it such a big deal but seriously people, start using your desks for a drumroll. Just kidding.

As in most things in my life, I looked to  sum it up beautifully and eloquently with this simple youtube video, however there are no good videos of Mr. Madison’s song so I’ll just post it here.


Ohhhhhhh Back To School Back To School To Prove To Dad That I'm Not A Fool I've Got My, Lunch Packed Up My Boots Tied Tight I Hope I Don't Get In A Fight Ohhh Back To School Back To School Back To School

I have applied and been accept as part of the University of Texas Online Master’s of Kinesiology Program.  My home campus is UTPB however I get the opportunity to take classes from a number of different campuses in the system under many wonderful professors.

I just have a passion for all this learning stuff.  I currently have two bachelor’s degrees (English and Biology) and my MS in Biotechnology.  This is just another way I can continue my learning and get the chance to take some cool classes.  Eventually I want to use my degree to help people through fitness and nutrition.  I’ve been inspired by many people in my life to take this jump.