I’ll scupcakeay happy day to you one and all and sprinkle that with some St. Patrick’s Day blessings.  Being that my name is about as Irish as you can be, my heritage is pretty well known by most.  I am very proud to be of Irish decent and I am equally as proud to be of Italian decent.  I have had the wonderful pleasure of visiting family in both countries.  I went to school in Galway for a semester as an undergrad, visited with my family, and last October did a bike tour of the west coast along with a 15-mile rode run, and some more family time.

The country is the most beautiful I’ve seen.  There are colors that exist there that are brighter and more vivid than any I could have imagined.  The people are wonderful and kind and it is a blessing to have been there.  The history of the country is fascinating and the future I pray will have peace.  Hopefully I’ll travel back there again very soon.

Éirinn go Brách

Happy days because my two new books came in.  I am almost drowning in new books to read but I get so excited with each of them.  I currently have 4 new books and one waiting at the library for me to pick up.

Very exciting news will be said soon- but it has very much been inspired by many of the people in my life (even some I dont know directly)- Graeme Street and the whole crew of Cyclo-Club members, Cassandra Forsythe and all those on FitCast, my teammates,  my workout buddies who put up with my insane workouts, my boyfriend who puts me through his insane workouts and inspires some of my nutritional ramblings and knowledge, and my beginner atheltes who give me much more strength than they could know.

Be blessed and be safe.  Remember why we celebrate certain days…hint, not just to drink lots of beer (which has lots of calories and carbs for which you should account)