Just a little recapping as to what’s been happening in the life of this blessed riding girl.

I ventured with Caveman out to Lake Sommerville for a weekend of camping with his mother, brother, and niece.  It was his brother’s birthday and we celebrated it the same way last year.  It was a wonderful time despite some major pain I was feeling in my jaw.  There’s nothing like waking up while camping- it is a wonderful feeling that is second to none.

One we got home on Sunday, we worked on the finishing touches of my garden.  Hoooray!  I’ve planted my first garden and I’m really pretty darn proud.  It helps to have an architect/carpenter as a boyfriend who also owes you favors for being his manual labor munchkin during his house projects.  I’ve planted lots of tomatoes, some peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, herbs, strawberries, onions, eggplant,butternut squash, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, arugula and various other salad plants.  I’m so excited.  I got some high quality manure and soil for the beds, all organic and I will also use my compost to feed my little guys.  I need to get a little more dirt for the last bed and then some for the front beds, which will have wildflowers.

Tuesday was my first bike commute of the season.   Going to work is about 16 miles and coming home is just about 15, but I can make it more depending on my route.  It is a spectacular way to wake up and really puts me in such a good mood all day long.  The ride home was just as fabulous.  The trees were blooming and the sun was kind so I snagged my camera out of my messenger bag and took some shots on my way home of things that made me smile.

Yesterday I woke up to a completely different scene.  Rain!  Rain, rain, rain!!  That is a wonderful thing here.  We havent had rain in so long and are in desperate need of it.  The county over was just declared a disater area and some farmers have lost 100% of their crop.  Even though it puts a damper on the day, I’m happy we have it and feel very lucky that it is predicted to be here until Sunday.

I did coach in the rain last night- it was an outdoor swim but nothing can keep me from being out there- even the pain in my tooth.  It was cold and it was wet but it was all worth it to see the new athletes kicking and stroking.  I love coaching!

The ‘not so great’ way to wake up came this morning.  Here’s just a little image to show you how my 7am hour started



Yeap, that’s how this morning started- a root canal.  The circled parts are where the abscess is.  Not so fun but not so bad.  They gave me two different scripts for pain med.  Really?  Two!?  I don’t take pills for anything so for me to reach for one ibuprofen is a big deal.  I took the scripts to appease them.  I think that they are probably use to people demanding them.  I’ll stick to my ibuprofen for now.

That’s all the fun for now.

Ride blessed….count your blessings and remember how lucky you are!