A number of things can stimulate the production of insulin in the pancreas.  Food we digest as far as carbohydrates can stimulate the production however recent research has show that just a sweet taste, say in a diet soda or sugar free snack, even just the site of food can trigger chemical messages to rev up the insulin tanks to get ready for the introduction of glucose in the blood.

This however does NOT mean that the insulin is actually released in the blood.  I have unfortunately found many posts with this misinformation linking diet sodas to insulin release- I’ve even heard/read doctors talking about the subject.  Insulin must have glucose present in the blood in order to be released.  It is a fantastic and awing system.  Without glucose around, the doors are never opened to release insulin.

Insulin is synthesized and stored in the beta cells of the pancreas.  Beta cells are found in the islests of Langerhans.  First an inactive form called proinsulin is made from translation of the messenger RNA and then transferred to the  endoplasmic reticulum where it becomes cleaved by protease into an active form.  The insulin is then packaged into special storage granules.

Those with diabetes mellitus type I, the beta cells have been destroyed by an autoimmune disease and therefor are unable to produce any insulin.  These people must take injections of synthetic insulin for their whole life.

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