Step 1: Triggering Insulin Release

Everything you eat creates a hormonal response. Insulin is the hormonal response to sugar in you blood. The sugar comes from…well, sugar like table sugar but it also comes from carbohydrates (C) like that bagel which has become ever present in many morning routines. At the point it is in the blood, the sugar is known as glucose.

Glucose in the blood is toxic (D) so our wonderful body pumps out the insulin to get it out of the blood. Insulin acts as messenger telling the cells to “HURRY, Glucose is here! Glucose is here! Open your doors and let it in!” I kind of picture it as a Paul Revere type character, notifying the cells to be ready, in this case, to be ready to quickly take the glucose out of the system.


Here’s how it works it’s magic.

  1. Food is eaten in the form of carbohydrates.  Specific chemicals work on the food to break the carbohydrates down to glucose (E). (* the one exception is with fructose which I will address in a later post and link to it here).
  2. When in the form of glucose, the molecules are absorbed in the blood stream.
  3. Insulin production is stimulated (F).
  4. The pancreas detects the glucose in the blood and releases insulin (G).
  5. Insulin goes to work (H).