Everyone has heard of insulin- no big news. Insulin is associated with diabetics and those nasty little injections they have to self-administer but how much do you really know about this hormone and what it does to your body? How much do you want to know?

First off, what insulin does and why we want to know:

1. Removes Glucose From Blood- Hooray!

2. Inhibits Fat Burning- What? No!

3. Tells Body to Store Fat- Heck no!

4. Overwhelms other hormones- You’ve got to be kidding me!

5. Can Be Toxic to the System – Stupid insulin!

I started on this mass post over a month ago, deciding to elucidate some things in my own mind so that I could have a better grasp on it. The more I learned and researched, the more pieces of papers I scribbled notes on with big question marks next to them. Slowly I began to put many of the puzzle pieces together in my mind so that I could understand the mechanisms. There are things I’ve always accepted as facts, however when I began to research exactly why that was a given, I truly learned.

So here it is, my “Choose Your Own Adventure in Insulin” post. Do you remember those books from you youth? They were my brother’s and my favorite books. You got to become part of the story, you got to decide what you did next, and you got to control the steps. This post kind of works the same way in that you can choose how much more you want to know about the certain process by clicking on it. The click will open a new page and explain it more.

“Choose Your Own Nerdiness” is really what I’m calling it because I totally understand that many people don’t need to know that the pancreatic β-cells release insulin because the glucose is phosphoralized thus creating a membrane depolarization and exocytic release. Wow! Did your pulse just quicken? Did you get all excited? If you said yes, put your super nerd merit badge on along with me!

Dude, straighten your pocket protector- you don't want to be embarrased.

Dude, straighten your pocket protector- you don't want to be embarrased.

So go now my friends and learn more about Insulin!!!!

click the link above or choose from select topics below- within each topic below, there are links to relevant topics in the list.

(A) Insulin 101- A Choose Your Own Adventure (Nerdiness)

(B) Step 1: Triggering Insulin Release

(C) Carbohydrates

(D) Glucose in the blood is toxic

(E) How Carbohydrates Are Broken Down to Glucose

(F) Stimulation and Synthesis of Insulin

(G) Pancreas Releases Insulin in to the Blood

(H) Step 2: The Messanger at Work

(I) Insulin Unlocking Cells’ Doors

(J) Glucose utilized for energy

(K) Storage as Glycogen

(L) Another “Great” Energy Storage Mechanism- Fat