barbellsI have not really written about my disdain for the daytime talk shows marketed to women and their vast and horrendous misinformation they consistently put out there to women on a daily basis.  Basically I hate them and pretty much everything for which they stand.  I believe they are a MAJOR source of the problem in America’s diet and exercise problems. I will try to contain my rant but it’s going to be hard.

From low fat diets and food that can cure all to “women will bulk up from lifting weights”, it really disgusts me and makes me very sad because I know that many women wholeheartedly believe that the writers, producers, and host have taken their time to research and really understand the information they are presenting (hey, I did at one time). They believe that Oprah actually has a crack research team out there trying to decipher what is fad, what is really unhealthy, and what is just useless and even harmful. They don’t. They want you to tune in, they want to cover the latest hot story, and they want you to follow their dogma even if they completely contradict it next month.

They don’t really care because if they did, they would continue to perpetuate the ridiculous information. If any of this actually worked and was healthy to us, why are so many watching still obese (I’m done with saying fat, fat is one thing but the majority of Americans are obese meaning that their health is negatively affected)?

Why is Oprah still struggling with her weight even though she has the benefit of money and celebrity which can bring her the best super foods, the most dedicated chefs, and the greatest trainers?

Women- lift heavy and lift hard.  It is fun.  Put down the 2lb weights (unless you are planning to throw them through your TV) and pick up some real weights. You’ll see results, you’ll feel better, you WONT look like this:

female_bodybuilders_05 body-copy

These women have spent hours and hours in the gym and taken years to make their body look like this….oh, and their supplements are most probably not just a multivitamin and creatine, likely that they are taking some pretty serious steroids.

Here’s the main reason I started this particular post this Monday morning- a great post from The FitCast, titled, “Why Women Who Watch Oprah Are Still Fat”.  It has video from a recent episode with one of the worst trainers out there, Tracy Anderson, who I believe should be brought up on charges and jailed for the diet and exercise regime she continues to push without knowledge, scientific study, or even education.  If you watch the video, really look at their bodies, do they look healthy? Do they look like strong, vigorous women or do they look like waifs, undernourished, no muscle women who would have troubles preforming daily activities?

Please take the time to educate yourself.  Understand why and how your body works the way it does.  Do good things for your body.  Eat whole foods, skip the sugar, and if it comes in a box or has flashy packaging, think twice- processed foods are not real foods.

rant done….i think–

ride blessed ya’ll!