At this moment I’m working to put some music on a cheap new mp3 I just bought.

I’m not even sure if I’ll listen to music during the race but I’ve never done a 6-hour mountain bike race so I don’t know if I’ll have a need for the harmonic sounds of Dave Grohl in my ear…oh DG, how I think you are the super-most-wonderful singer ever and I so could be your #1 stalker if you’d let me….

Did you catch that?  That passive mention of this week’s fit of insanity?  Yes, I am going to do my first 6-hour mountain bike race.  I rode the course last week and it is a super fun ride- and walk for me in some places. I completely know that the other women in the category (3 of whom are friends of mine) will completely destroy me but I’m out there for the experience.  I’ve got the endurance for stuff like this and what better way to work on my skills than ride a course over and over and over again for 6 hours, right?

I’m inspired by my guy, Caveman, and my own addiction to endurance fun.  He’ll be doing the 12-hour so after my race is all done and hopefully I still have a smile on my face, he’ll be only half way done and I can’t wait to be able to cheer him on.

I’m trying not to stress today about random little things.  I don’t like feeling time crunched but I think the super strong coffee this morning is making all of my nerve endings Schwarzenegger-like pumped.  I’m annoyed at my coworker lying constantly and a number of other things.  I’m taking deep breaths and relaxing myself from being worked up over nothing.

Tonight will be fun as we go out to the race site and meet up with a bunch of our teammates.  Race starts at 8am tomorrow morning- positive thoughts are very much appreciated all day long!

Ride blessed, be blessed~

There’s so many Foo songs I could put up to relate to what I’m thinking- “Learn To Fly”, “Long Road to Ruin”, “One by One” but I’ll put something up about learning from experiences and not giving up, however painful they may be-
It’s times like these I learn to live again, it’s times like these you give and give again