Picture taken from Boggy Creek's website. Local, fresh, and oh so good!

Graeme talks a lot about eating real foods in cycloclub.  He stresses eating right and eating fresh.  I have lots of opportunities here in Austin so I have no excuses.

I just received my local box delivery from Greenling.  I am so lucky to have this program in Austin.  Each week I go to their website and either choose the “Local Box” or build my own box of amazing organic fruits and vegetables.

Greenling gets as much stuff local as they can.  I really enjoy the local box because it is a way I can not only get wonderful, pesticide free foods, picked by people who know what is good, but I can also support farmers in my community. It also lets me try eating seasonally and introduces me to new items I may have passed in the stores.  Their prices are the same I’d spend at the store but I don’t have to hassle with the drive or time.  I also dont have to sit there and look at every beet to see which one is good (not saying that I’d actually know).  Cool enough, they add a recipe each week to help me figure out what to do with so much goodness!

This week my box is full of so many good things.  I’m noshing on the radishes as I type.   Here’s what I have:

  • Green garlic (from Green Gate Farms)
  • Vhioggia beets (from Animal Farm)
  • Spinach (from Acadian Family Farm)
  • Fresh Breakfast Radish (from Acadian Family farm)
  • Sweet Potatoes (from Naegelin Farms)
  • Yellow Onions (from Naegelin Farms)
  • Tangerines (from G&S Groves)
  • Bok Choy (from Naegelin Farms)
  • Herbs- Cilantro and Spearmint (from Pure Luck)

To check out local farms in your area, go to Local Harvest.  It’s easy, just put in your zip and see what’s around.

Tomorrow is an off day in preparation for the 3M half marathon on Sunday- pretty much the only prep I’ve done for the race.  I plan on taking a nice ride in the morning to the farm around the corner from my house, Boggy Creek, and then down to the downtown farmer’s market to see what’s out there.