I’ve written about this before, made the goal many times in the past, and struggled over and over but again, this week, I’m playing catch-up.

‘On what?”

You may ask.  Not on my weight workouts, not on my cardio, or my stretching, maybe on my laundry but that’s not what I mean here- I’m playing catch-up on my sleep.  Caveman has tried so hard to move my mentality from striving for just 7-8 hours of sleep a night to more like 9-10.  As athletes we need more sleep than the typical person.

Last week I tried to catch-up.  I think I did alright for 2 of the 5 work week days.  I believe I got 9+ hours on those days and the others I had at least 7. My biggest issue is that if for some reason I am up past about 11:13, I am awake and my mind gets creative.  I’ll start a new painting or rearrange furniture and never get to sleep.

Caveman told me to look at it as another part of my training.  I have to be serious about it.  I have to plan it out and stick to it in the same way I plan out my workouts.  No excuses, no reasons for failure.  If I’m not getting enough sleep, I’m not allowing my body to rest.  Next week I’ll post up some info about cortisol from some research I’m doing but the nasty little hormone cortisol gets pumped out big time when you are sleep deprived.

Muscles aren’t made in the gym, they are built while you rest.  I read this the other day and this has to become my mantra for getting my sleep.

I’ve decided to change my schedule around a bit to get this done.  No early morning gym workouts this week.  I do love getting there early and having a relatively empty weight area to use but sleep is more important and I’ll just have to work it out with the big boys today and Friday.

Here’s how we look so far:

Monday- 9 hours of well deserved, quality sleep.

Monday- 9 hours of well deserved, quality sleep.

Tuesday- 8 hours (plus 3 snooze alarm hits) of sleep

Tuesday- 8 hours (plus 3 snooze alarms) of sleep


Wed- I know the pic doesnt make sense but this is what you get when you google "8:20"


See Wed's description on image randomness

On a quick side note of excitement, Graeme is doing a new Cylco-Live class this Friday!! It is a Zone 4 class and promises to be killer!   I’m not going to sign up for it now because I dont need the intensity but after next week’s recovery week, I am going to work it in.

My insanity continues- I’ll be running a half marathon this weekend.  It is my favorite half marathon in Austin so even though I havent ran in so long, I’m doing it.  The distance isnt a problem, heck- I did a half a little over 3 months ago preceeded by a long bike and a long swim.  I’ll stay on pace with my friends as long as I can.  I’ll just make sure I recover really well after.  And then there’s the madness of new mountain bike races I’ve talked myself in to doing….more to come on those.