I’ve been missing my bikes and my bike workouts bad lately.  I got to ride my mountain bike, Fionn (after Fionn Mac Cumhaill) yesterday at Walnut Creek here in Austin.  It is the first place I mountain biked almost a year ago.  The mtb education has been slow and hard at times, not to mention full of crashes, but I still have hope and still have fun.  Yesterday’s ride was the first time that I’ve been back on the trail since my shoulder injury so I was very timid.  I tried not to beat myself up about it but occasionally did.  I just kept trying to remember how lucky I am to be back on the bike and that I have the ability to work back up to where I was (which was not that up there to begin with).

With the p90x plan, I’ve been neglecting my bikes.  I haven’t even ridden my fixie (Free Spirit) around town lately and that always brings a smile to my face,  I was on my road bike,  LF (Leo Fianna after Fionn’s  soldiers) a few weeks ago when my friend came to town for a spin, and the tandem is out of commission for a little while.  I’m loving the workouts but miss my wheels.

I miss Graeme’s workouts like crazy!  Luckily he’s made some awesome transformations to the club and I can get the Cyclo-Live workouts on demand.  SWEET!!  I’ve been foaming at the mouth to try #4.  I did the first live workout and had such a great time doing it.  I’m going to go check out 2-4 and see which will work best for me this week.  I’d like to do one today after work as my cardio supplement to p90x and then do one again on either Wednesday or Friday.    They are much more intense than the p90x cardio but I miss them so much.

This February, instead of doing the Austin Marathon- which I love beyond belief- I have decided to go to Terlingua and do a 30k mountain bike race.  G will be doing a 100k race there also.  I think it is a pretty kicking way to spend Valentines day with my guy.  I couldnt think of better way than for me to be out there trying something new and to see him crush it at the same time!

That brings me to something else I just started contemplating in my head.  After I finish p90x I will certainly continue to lift hard but I think I will try out the mountain bike plan, if it falls in line with my seasons and I have the skills to do it correctly.  I still will focus on triathlons so I have to fit swimming and running in there.  My goal is to do one of the Xterra tri’s next season.

That brings me to the beginning of the week, the start of the work day, and the beautiful sunshine outside of my window.  I will make this a good Monday and not the dreaded one.  This all is helped of course by starting my day out with a strong cup of Star Seeds Cafe coffee.  Be strong, be positive, love someone, and ride blessed~