Yesterday I posted my answers to Coach Al’s Year End Evaluation.  This is the first time I’ve actually sat down and put pen to paper (or actually fingers to keyboard) to examine some highs and lows of the past season.  It also gave me a chance to think about the next season, which will be my season of strength, growth, and power.  These are not just physical aspects I hope to achieve in my next season but mental and emotional things on which I hope to work.

When I was in college, a very good adviser friend of mine gave a speech to the incoming freshman every year about writing down goals.  Writing them down being the big part and not just putting them out in the air.  I must have heard this speech twenty plus times (I worked for the admissions department as an orientation assistant) before I actually took it to heart.  I finally heeded the good doctor’s words and made a list for myself.  Guess what?  I reached all of my goals.  I made it in the honors program, I took upper level classes as an underclassman, and I really because enthusiastic about my learning.  Even with this short bit of typing, I am one step closer to my goals for the next season and it is only 8 days into the new year.

I snagged the questions from the blog of a fellow Cyclo-Clubber, David- aka Texastutt.  It is so wonderful to have so much support and inspiration from the other Cyclo-Club members.  I really enjoy reading their blogs and consider them my workout buddies- though they are many, many miles away.  They keep me sticking to my schedule, remind me of the importance of recovery, and always give me a laugh.

For those of you not in Cyclo-Club, I’ll give you a little more information on Coach Al. Check out his background here:

By the way, I’m planning on posting about the amazing experts on Cyclo-Club that I have direct access to just by being a member.  I feel so lucky to be able to ask my workout, nutritional, and tech questions to top of the field people.  Just having this resource has been essential to hitting several of my goals this last season so I am unbelievably thankful to all the experts and to what Graeme has set out to give the cycling community.