Coach Al’s Year End Evaluation 2008 Season

1. What do you consider your greatest success/highlight this season? Why?

Stepping up and competing in my first cross country mountain bike race. Finishing my first half ironman is a big thing but doing the mountain bike race was something completely new to me.

2. What do you consider your greatest disappointment? Why? What things (e.g. skills/technique/strength/endurance in any area)

Getting sick right before the half ironman and feeling like I wasn’t able to do my best even though I was giving what I could.  I feel that if I had paid more attention to rest and recovery, maybe it wouldn’t have happened.

3. How could you have better prepared mentally?

Mentally worked on my running- I tend to talk down about my running since I got slower from longer distance running. I need to not beat myself up during races about splits and pace and just go out and run as hard as I can.

4. How could you have better prepared with regard to race nutrition? Day in/day out eating habits/nutrition?

My race day nutrition plan has been followed pretty well.

I am beginning to incorporate fish into my diet after being a vegetarian for many, many years. I can no longer eat soy proteins so I had to make the tough decision to eat an animal again. It was a very hard thing and I still struggle.

5. How would you have changed race tactics and strategy to improve race performance?

I can push out of my comfort zone more in the run.

6. List at least (3) three specific goals you would like to accomplish for next year? Again, be specific.

1st: Become strong in mountain biking, speed, technique, metal strength

2nd: Get my certifications for CPT

3rd: Hit the weights hard, slim down, build muscle

7. In your opinion, what do you consider to be your biggest weakness as an athlete?

I am really hard on myself and I don’t do well with recovery.

8. What do you feel is the single most important thing you should do next season to increase your chances of going to “the next level”?

Make recovery a bigger part of my workouts.

9. List the races you would like to train for. List them in the order of their priority (A, B, & C). Of course, this is only tentative and obviously can be changed if you desire.

I am still working on this one so I’ll get back to it but on my hopeful itinerary right now is all the traditional tris that I do, some races of the TMBRA spring series, and a 6 hour mbt race.