First off- Happy New Years.  Take a second before you read this post and think of one thing in your life that makes you feel blessed. May you have many more blessings in 2009.


I’m not one who likes to make New Year’s resolutions.  If it works for you, fine- but if there’s something I want to do/ need to do, something I want to change/need to change, I don’t like the idea of waiting for a special, specific day to do it.  If it needs to be done, why not do it now?  I like to take time each Sunday and plan out my week.  It is here that my new goals come in to play.  I do the same thing at the end of a training cycle, heck- I do the same thing throughout the day.  I like setting goals and making things happen.

Tomorrow starts my second phase of the p90x program.  I’m stoked and a bit nervous.  Nerves don’t keep me from doing things- if I wasn’t nervous, it wouldn’t be a challenge, right?  I’ve decided to do the “doubles” workout for extra fat loss.  It is set up to do the cardio workout on the  mornings you do weights.  I’m doing it slightly differently since I will be running another half marathon in.. oh my!  uhm, 3 weekends!  I could run one today but it might hurt more than I like and I’d probably be much, much slower than my running crew.  Tomorrow morning I’m doing track work and then doing weights at lunch (ok, i just put it down so i have no excuse to push off the track work).  Mentally I had been preparing to do the weights after work but since the UT game is tomorrow night (Hook Em’ Horns!), I’ll be hitting the bar to watch.  I’ll be sipping water since I’m going to start following the nutrition part of the program now but I’m sure it will still be a rocking time.  I’ve been the only one without a brew many times there and the brew doesn’t taste as good as the accomplishment I’ll feel when I get through the program.

Quick talk on my weekend- I went to the state cyclocross race to reclaim my place as the most awesome race support crew my boyfriend could have.  It kills me to not be out there on two wheels but it is still a whole lot of fun watching everyone race.  My chick friends ripped it up out there, I drooled on an uncountable number of bikes, and G rocked it out on both days.  He raced one race Saturday- held 4th pretty nicely and surely could have made it to the podium but had a flat on his back wheel and had to switch it out in the pit.  He came back in pretty far back but then worked his way back up to 8th- oh yeah, on a single speed against geared boys.  Though no podium, it was a pretty awesome feat to watch.  Today he raced single speed and came in 3rd.  There were at total of 6 single speed guys and they were all really strong.  The second place guy rode his commuter fixie bike.  Pretty sick!  10 minutes after the end of the single race, he lined back up and took 2nd in the Cat 3/4 race.  The pack he ran with for most of the race had 3 other wickedly talented and strong guys.  G ran single again and still put the hurt down.  I’m salivating right now thinking of racing next year!  I cant wait.

Until the next time, ride blessed, give thanks, and breath deeply.