unicornI have come to the most dreaded week of my training.  The week I wish upon bright shiny rainbows I could skip.  I would seriously rather hunt happy, jumping unicorns with a bowie knife than go through this workout week.  What week could bring such terror in to my heart and make me feel like I am going to just loose it, you ask?  Well my friend, it is not a super leg week or back blitz, it is my recovery week.

I struggle with recovery more than anyone I know.  I’m a do-er.  I like doing things, I love pushing my body, and I am a complete addict to that post workout high.  Following a program helps me get recovery in better but it still doesn’t make it easy.  There is nothing more that I’d rather do today than go for a long run and put in some sprints, lift heavy, heavy weights, or ride to and from work but because that stupid, terrifying word “Recovery” is on my calender for this week, I have to do what it says.

This is hard and all morning I’ve been looking up half marathon training plans, new weight workouts, and cool new plyo exercises.  The scheduled workout today is Yoga, which I will do after work.  To help with my sanity, I have decided to go for a swim on my lunch break- 20 minutes in the pool only.  I haven’t swam since my shoulder injury so I have to be cautious getting back in the pool.  No sprints and probably not much pulling but atleast it will give my head some time to stop fretting about recovery week.

I know good and well that recovery is important and that the body needs rest time so that it can come back stronger.  I just feel post-holiday fat and annoyed at not being able to go out and do the workout I want to do. Dang, I’m like a freaking stubborn child here so I’ll end the beginning of my rant and be thankful that I have the ability to work out.

ride blessed, ya’ll (and do a couple of extra pickups for me during your workouts this week, will ya’?)