Christmas TreeChristmas goodness at my family’s house!  The family tree is festooned with special ornaments.  It is always a treat to decorated it on Christmas Eve.  We always wait because my brother and I work and don’t get home really early.  There ornaments are so great because we’ve kept the close-pin reindeer and construction paper-glittered bells that we made when we were in elementary school.

I did my p90x chest and arms last night and am feeling it today. I’m also still feeling the plyo workout from Tuesday.  This morning, after presents, I did a 30 min walk with my mother and then had her do a weight workout.  Later, after the food settles, I am going to do some yoga.  I have not decided which of Graeme’s Yoga goodies I’ll treat myself to from Cyclo-Zen, either the 30 min power yoga, the recovery yoga, or the 45 min yoga-spin workout.  I gotta burn a bit of the food I’ve taken in.  I’m opting for the spin since I haven’t done it in a while.

Other goodness of the holiday did include my Everyone’s Most Hated Vegetables dish.  I certainly ate more of the vegetables than anyone else but my mother and father did get a scoop of the veggie goodness.  I filled my plate with the veggies before putting any of the ravioli we had for our main.  It helped to fill my stomach with good food before I moved to the carb loaded food.  I was’t sure how to prepare everything so I just cut it all up, added a little olive oil, and put them in the oven for a while.  The outcome?- Brussel spouts, sweet potatoes, beets, garlic, fennel, and suprisingly turnips were awesome.  The rutabaga and celery root were,well… interesting.  I’ve got leftovers for later.

Veggie Goodnessbeets