I put up a new sign in my workout/bike room yesterday.  It simply says,

Go out Injured,


It is to remind me that yesterday is yesterday and today has the potential to become great.  I am working every day to be stronger than I was before the injury.  Because of the injury I have had to focus on imbalance issues, really scrutinize my pitiful recovery, and spend some time identifying and planning my next steps.  I am learning from the injury. I’m ready to come back stronger.  I can already feel it.

Yesterday was a recovery day.  The day was spent cooking two yummy soups, making lasagnas for my pregnant friend for when the baby comes, preparing items to make a pecan-pumpkin pie, wrapping presents, and organizing my mind by organizing my house.  I threw in my favorite abdominal workout along with a pull-up every once and a while as I passed the room. I have an Iron-Gym type bar that hangs from the door frame. When I pass it, I rarely resist the urge to do a pull-up.

The pull-up was something I had in my mind for a long time that I couldn’t do.  Why?  Because I had tried but it didn’t work.  I had done assisted pull-ups in the gym but believed that a full-real pull-up wasn’t something I could do.  Amazing how our mind can have that much control over our muscles.  That’s an awful attitude and I don’t normally subscribe to that mindset but for some reason with the pull-up I had always though it was just out of my league.  I think it is because I don’t know many- if any- women who can do pull-ups.  We’ve been conditioned to focus more on the aerobics step and pilates stretches over things like pull-ups and proper full on push-ups.

Before my injury I decided I was going to start the p90x program- part of which is to do many, many pull-ups.  I happily got to 3 unassisted pull-ups before the program started but then…CRASH!  I tore my AC joint and couldn’t even reach the bar for the first 3 weeks.  I was really sad because I was pretty stoked about my progress.  When I finally was able to get my arm above my head, I’d go over the the bar, have a brief discussion with it, my shoulder, and my brain to let me know when to say when.  I couldn’t do it.  No way…but almost every day I’d stop by and give it another little try.

I’ve been doing alternative exercises in the gym to the pull-ups and push-ups when my workout calls for it and they have helped to strengthen me.  Lat pull-downs and chest presses have been put in place but I am trying to be very cognoscente of not making them a crutch.  I’ve been able to get back to push-ups and can do about 10 full before I feel shaky.

Yesterday I walked by the bar and did a full pull-up.  Not the first time I’ve done it this week- I’ve managed to do two in a row once already- but I finally really realized that I did it.  Even two weeks ago I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do a full one again.  Now I can do one and this is just the start.

I’m feeling positive going in to my third week of p90x.  I am switching up the workout a bit because of the holiday.  I am doing arms and shoulders (my favorite workout) today and putting chest and back for Wednesday since it will be easier to do at my parents house.  Tomorrow is plyometrics in the morning and if I’m feeling up to it, maybe I’ll stick in some intervals on the bike after I get to my parents house.  Either way- the bikes, workout calender, and pull-up bar are going on holiday with me.  Next week will begin my first recovery week of the program so I’m going to hit it hard this week.