This Week’s Plan-
Work on correcting muscles around injury
p90x week 2 workouts
Work on p90x Nutrition

*didn’t get the swim in last week that I had wanted to do.  It is very cold here for Texas and I don’t want my first time back in the pool since the injury to be that painful of an experience.  There is a chance I’ll get it in today, maybe tomorrow.*

Monday’s Plan-p90x Day 15
p90x arms and shoulders (switched from Wednesday’s workout)
p90x abs

Tuesday’s Plan-p90x Day 16

Wednesday’s Plan-p90x Day 17
p90x chest&back (at home)
p90x abs

Thursday’s Plan-p90x Day 18
yoga (Cyclo-Zen); Walk with Mom

Friday’s Plan-p90x Day 19
p90x Legs & Back
p90x abs

Saturday’s Plan-p90x Day 20
Kempo/Cardio (will probably mtb and do interval workout)

Sunday’s Plan-p90x Day 21