Sorry I haven’t put much up this week. I’ve been a bit sick with some type of stomach thing. The rest of my body is feeling good but my stomach is just being a pain. Just waiting for it to pass.

I’m keeping up with my p90x workouts. I did a pretty intense arms and shoulders workout last night- went in the gym, put the Rage Against the Machine in my ears, and lifted hard. Don’t know if I released the demons I went in there to get rid of but I did feel like a bad-ass when I was curling with more than the guy next to me!

I’ve had to ignore the nutritional plan for these last few days. Not that I’m stuffing cookies and candy bars in to my mouth or anything. My body doesn’t seem to want much food right now so I’m drinking my protein shakes and eating small things here and there but I’m way under what the plan says I should be getting as far as calories and protein go. Just waiting to feel better…