This week I am going to try and get my p90X nutrition down. Since I just did bootcamp, I took this past week to eat off the wagon but now I feel all puffed up like the marshmallow man. Too many carbs, too much sugar makes me a “blah!” girl.

Here’s the basics from the plan. For those of you who have done Graeme’s Bootcamp, cycloclub outlined nutrition seems much, much easier to follow than what I’ve seen from p90x nutrition so far. Hopefully I’ll get in the swing of it all here soon. Basically for my calorie needs I should get :

5 Proteins

2 Dairy

1 fruit

2 Veg

1 Fat

1 Carb

3 “snacks”.

I had a protein shake after my workout for my breakfast but am not sure if this counts as the “snack” labeled “shake” or as “protein”. Does it also count as a dairy? I had my EAS low carb shake which is so wonderful for me when I am pressed for time and want good nutrition. Since it was my breakfast, I am doing it as a protein. That category is the hardest for me to get in since I am vegetarian. I recently started eating fish because medically I am not allowed to eat soy products. I’ve been veggie for over 15 years so it was a hard decision to make to eat my little aquatic friends again….but that is another post. I have 4 more proteins to get.

What counts as a protein here? The bolded ones are those proteins which I eat. I used Hammer Products whey protein.


100 calories per serving

– 3 oz. chicken or turkey breast

– 6 egg whites

– 3 oz. fish or shellfish

– 3 oz. fat free ham slices

– 3 oz. pork tenderloin

– 1/3 cup protein powder

– 3 oz. red meat, lean

– 1 soy burger
– 5 soy slices

– 3 oz. tofu

– 3 oz. tuna

– 2 slices turkey bacon

– 1 veggie dog

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from Graeme’s bootcamp is that planning out meals is so crucial to success. I have begun working on this and hope to finalize this weeks plan when I have time tonight.

I’ll post up more later and also talk about my other opinions on the p90x system.