Either way I cant wait! Graeme is introducing an awesome addition to Cyclo-Club and I’m so excited- especially since my injury has put me back on my trainer. Here’s his words,

“Join me for *LIVE* Cyclo-SPIN H.I.T Sessions and get killer 60 minute Cyclo-CORE workouts. (Starting in December for Platinum Members -Limited Space Available!)”.

Exactly what I need to keep me up and motivated. Also it will help me get in those HIT workouts I’m trying to get in each week. Sweet! Watch the video if you haven’t yet because it will get you excited also.

Yesterday I had another PT session and there’s good news and the bad news I expected. All my hoping would not change the situation- NO RACING THIS WEEKEND. I have a very knowledgeable doctor and a wonderful boyfriend who will not let me do it so I will obey. It is hard to see the bigger picture in times like these but it gives me a chance to actually have an off season. See there, I’m being good and focusing on the positive. The good news is that my range of motion is progressing nicely and the dr. was pretty shocked at how good I’m doing. I’ll have 1-2 more sessions with her and then move on to Dr.Phil for strength therapy.

Last night’s Cyclo-CLIMB Tuscany workout was just what I needed. I started out with a little spin, rocking to the new P!nk (guilty pleasure) album and then was able to focus on the workout. It was what I needed to feel the strength in my legs and concentrate on the motion of the pedals. It was over before I knew it and I got a good sweat. I skipped the PNF session because I dont have the strength in my shoulder to hold the strap properly. I cooled down and stretched instead.

Tonight I may do the overPOWER/overSPIN workout or just hop on and do a little HIT work while watching the news.