(if you my friend are from the West Texas town known as El Paso, I am sorry in advance for any insults this article may give you. I am also sorry for that you are from there.)
hELl Paso. I’ve only been to El Paso once before and it lived up to my memory. We unfortunately had to spend 1.5 hours today walking around the El Paso mall. I know, I know- I couldn’t have planned this excitement even if it was double highlighted in the AAA travel book and held open with a bright pink binder clip. We hit the Wal-Greens and had a “gringo-tastic” fun time at the McD’s as we waited 5 minutes for two drinks and 2 apple pies whilelocals got their super double cheeseburger with pickles and onions in seconds. Who knew it could take that long to reach over and grab two of the pre-made apple pies.
Why were we so lucky to grace the halls of the El Paso mall, you ask? My little Mazda, after paying close to $400 to get pre-trip work, was pulling awfully during the drive. We stopped between the Franklin Mountains to hit the Sears for a quick alignment to the car. The Mazda is having a time getting up to 80 with the bikes and luggage. The hills are killing its getup and we had hoped fixing the alignment would help with the rest of the drive. It has helped a little but the suggested replacing of the struts hasn’t helped my attitude. We opted to save the time and just go with what the car has now, replacing them later on. Oh El Paso, you have made me understand the armpit of Texas and made me appreciate being in the heart of this great state.
Joy came as we left El Paso and now we are on the road in New Mexico, a previous home of mine. We are about to go through the boarder patrol. It is nice knowing we are totally legal in every way, something that may or may not have been questioned in my previous life as a college student. From boarder patrol central, we’ll continue on to a scenic route of 190. We are going to drive through the petrified forest and end up at Hovenwheep sometime late tonight. We’ll be able to play in the morning at Hevenwheep and make our way to Moab in only a few hours. El Paso has passed my mind. Maybe we’ll take that other route on the way home.