Here’s a great quote from the blog page of Tony Gentilcore regarding the celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson’s decree that no woman should ever lift weights over three pounds-

I’m pretty sure if she were still alive today, Susan B. Anthony would shit a pink dumbbell if she knew there were women still walking around with this “I’m a frail, delicate creature” mentality.

Believe that women shouldnt lift over three pounds? I will not list all the reasons here as to why that just about as good of an idea as backing high fructose corn syrup as a safe and natural additive, but Here’s a question for ya’- How much does the average newborn weigh?

I really want to go on and on about this completely asinine idea and I could, believe me, but I will keep this post short and save it for another day.

*side note, Tony is a seriously funny and knowledgeable guy who also participates in The FitCast podcast which I listen to on my long runs.